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Jun 19 2023

Juneteenth Mayhem Already Underway

Juneteenth was made a federal holiday so that moonbats like Dick Durbin and RINOs like John Cornyn could reward those who participated in Black Lives Matter riots. From the start, fitting traditions took root. The mayhem continues, with celebrations already underway in the Chicago suburb Willowbrook:

At least 23 people were shot, one fatally, early Sunday during a gathering in a suburban Chicago parking lot that drew hundreds of people to celebrate Juneteenth, authorities said.

TV news video showed the strip mall lot in Willowbrook filled with debris and police tape, about 20 miles (32.1 kilometers) southwest of Chicago. The DuPage County Sheriff’s Office described it as a “peaceful gathering” to celebrate Juneteenth that suddenly turned violent as a number of people fired multiple shots into the crowd.

As usual,

A motive for the attack wasn’t immediately known, and no one was arrested by early afternoon.

Since when is a motive required? Festive celebrations of urban culture are their own reward.

Celebrate Juneteenth by keeping your head down, avoiding diverse hellholes like Chicago and its environs, and waiting for black thugs who have been deliberately encouraged to run amok to push the body count high enough that Democrats think confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens will float.

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