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Dec 05 2023

Just Don’t Call Him a Pedophile

One reason it is important to stay abreast of updates to the Newspeak Dictionary is that using obsolete vocabulary can result in legal consequences. For example, as pedophilia is progressively normalized following the successful homosexual/transsexual strategy (see e.g. here, here, here), the word “pedophile” has been replaced by the more inclusive and less judgmental “MAP” (minor-attracted person). Already, calling a pedophile a “pedophile” might get you into a legal mess in moonbattery-addled Holland, where prominent LGBT activist and former MP Sidney Smeets has launched defamation claims:

Smeets has taken legal action against individuals such as Jan B. Hommel, a medical professional, who referred to him as a “pedophile” on social media. …

Other individuals, including social commentator Sander van Dam and former Rotterdam district councilor Rick Timmer, have also faced legal consequences for their comments about Smeets.

Smeets initially stepped down from his role with the Democrats 66 party in April 2021 after allegations surfaced that he had engaged in inappropriate behavior with numerous boys.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, according to ruling class morality. If you do think there’s something wrong with it, keep it to yourself or lawyer up.

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