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Aug 12 2020

Kamala Harris Rated Furthest Left Senator

At least we dodged the bullet of the wild-eyed socialist Bernie Sanders running the country. Kamala Harris is likely to end up in charge if Biden wins, and according to the Paper of Record, she is a “pragmatic moderate.”

Hold on: nonpartisan GovTrack rates her as the most extreme left member of the entire Senate, topping even Sanders.

The only Senator to earn a perfect conservative score of 1.00 is Marsha Blackburn (R-TN). Kamala Harris is the only Senator to earn a perfect liberal score of 0.00. Bernie finishes second in the moonbattery sweepstakes with a score of 0.02.

As noted at Breitbart,

She was an early co-sponsor of the Senate version of the “Green New Deal” of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), as well as the “Medicare for All” bill introduced by Sanders, which would have eliminated all private health insurance.

Harris also supported granting free health care to illegal aliens, slashing military budgets, and other radical proposals.

A gale-force wind has been blowing through the Democratic Party from the farthest leftward fringe. Don’t expect Harris to resist it.

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