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Jul 12 2022

LA Times Columnist Denounces US Constitution

Conservative Supreme Court justices do their job by upholding the Constitution. Liberals don’t hate them so much as the Constitution itself. Nicholas Goldberg of the Los Angeles Times is up-front about it:

The problem isn’t just with the justices. The problem, or at least a substantial portion of it, lies with the U.S. Constitution itself.

He finds an Expert to quote:

“It was written by a small group of white male landowners clustered along the Eastern Seaboard in a largely agrarian society in the late 1700s,” said David S. Law, a professor at the University of Virginia School of Law who studies courts and constitutions around the world. “How could it possibly fit the needs of a highly diverse country of 300-plus-million people in the 21st century, a military and economic superpower in a globalized world, a highly developed, post-industrial nation that stretches from sea to shining sea?”

Because it is based on the timeless, universal principles of individual liberty, natural rights, and limited government is how.

According to Goldberg and Law, a constitution that upholds freedom rather than guaranteeing goodies is not keeping up with the times:

[C]onstitutional thinking has evolved since 1787. Today, most new constitutions include far more enumerated rights than ours, notes David Law. The right to education, for instance, and to privacy, food, healthcare and housing.

Goldberg also wants constitutional rights to abortion, to unionization, and to force the world to cater to each person’s disabilities. He calls for the environment and favored identity groups including homosexuals and transsexuals to be granted explicit rights (i.e., superior status).

The “right” to force other people to provide you with food, housing, and special privileges could only be found under an authoritarian regime. If you have a “right” to other people’s labor and property, you have no rights, because you live under socialism.

Leftists want to take away our rights and replace them with privileges bestowed by Big Government at other people’s expense. The purpose of the Constitution is to defend America from people like Nicholas Goldberg and David Law.

On a tip from Lyle.


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