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Jun 03 2021

Language Corrupting Thought: Global Warming

Not only critical theory but all modern leftist ideology is based on postmodernism, at least to the extent that it emphasizes altering what people perceive as reality by manipulating language. The global warming hoax is a case in point.

The liberal establishment frequently proclaims that we are “addicted” to reliable, affordable energy (i.e., fossil fuels and nuclear). Addiction is bad; therefore, reliable energy is bad. The reality they are distorting is that we need reliable energy. We have become dependent on it for our very existence, as Texans were reminded last winter. Yet leftists want to deny us reliable energy in the name of their lunatic ideology, even at the potential cost of many lives, so as to achieve more control over us.

Tony Heller reveals that it is liberals who are addicted: to junk science, to lies, to corruption, and to power.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.


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