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May 18 2023

Lauren Heike as Another Victim of Transsexual Violence

Looks like the heartbreaking murder of Lauren Heike, who was stabbed at least 15 times on an Arizona hiking trail, can be added to the growing list of recent transsexual violence.

Police have compelling video and DNA evidence against Zion William Teasley.

When shown a picture of Heike, Teasley recognized her and admitted that he “wanted to look like her.”

Teasley told cops that he has struggled with his sexuality.

In addition, a scan through LinkedIn profiles suggested that Teasley may not necessarily identify as male and that he does believe in preferred pronouns. A profile reportedly created by Teasley lists “they/them” pronouns next to his name, and the background photo encourages those who visit his page to “amplify black voices.”

The establishment-endorsed combination of LGBTism and Afrocentrism calls to mind cat-torturing gay BLM activist Rashad Gober. Lots of moonbattery has been poured into Teasley’s head, fermented with mental illness, and allowed to express itself as you might expect.

Maya McKinney. Snochia Moseley. Anderson Lee Aldrich. Audrey Hale. Moses Lopez. William Whitworth. Shanu Varma. “Lara.” Think of how long the list of apparent transsexual violence that has been threatened or actually inflicted would be if the media were not so committed to pretending it does not exist that it joins the federal government in framing terrorism committed by transsexuals as if it were committed against them.

It’s almost as if there were some link between senseless violence and crazy people being egged on in their delusions and allowed to run amok (Teasley was loose after accepting a plea deal for armed robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, and kidnapping in 2020). But no, the liberal establishment informs us the rising tide of mayhem is caused by our fundamental right of self-defense.

On a tip from Bluto.


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