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Jul 06 2021

Rashad Gober, Accused Cat-Torturing Moonbat

After watching them tear down our country for the past year — looting stores, burning police stations, defiling and destroying statues of our heroes, advancing Marxism, attacking the concept of family, promoting perversion, making sports unwatchable, spewing poisonous lies at America even on the Fourth of July — you may think there could be no lower lifeform than a Black Lives Matter supporter. Yet there is: a Black Lives Matter supporter who tortures cats.

Sick ideologies attract sick individuals. Introducing Rashad Gober:

Cambridge Police announced the arrest of Gober, 31, at his home on Thursday, and charged him with four counts of animal cruelty, dating from March to May of this year. The investigation was initially opened after the discovery of a cat called Gosha on May 6th, who was huddled underneath a car, with her legs bound by masking tape. Further analysis on the deceased cat found a large percentage of her fur missing, also concluding that she had been shot repeatedly with a BB gun, with officers concluding that she had been subject to cruel torture.

The investigation then discovered two further cases of animal cruelty that they linked together, including a BB gun being used to wound a cat called Tammy on March 3rd/4th, who survived, and the case of Buddy on May 5th, who had suffered chemical burns.

As with many criminals, Gober may have been done in by his own low IQ. He posted fantastic social media claims presenting himself as a savior of cats. More incriminating was the trail of cat food that he apparently used to lure victims into his apartment. Google queries taken from his phone include:

• Ways to torture a cat without killing it

• Will Clorox burn a cat

• How to lure neighborhood cats

• I hate cats and caught one

• Cat cruelty video clips

Gober is an enthusiastic BLM supporter. He wrote a mock obituary memorializing himself for having been killed by a racist white police officer. Predictably, he seems to blame his legal predicament on the police, racism, etc.:

In a series of tweets a few days before his arrest and charge, potentially at the time of his questioning, Gober attempted to blame the actions of the police on racism, not the fact that he had clearly behaved suspiciously enough to be called in. “I seriously hate [Boston],” Gober tweeted. “This is the most racist place I’ve ever lived and I grew up in South Carolina.” He proceeded to describe Cambridge Police as “the most incompetent group of insecure pieces of sh*t that I’ve ever encountered,” and said they should be ashamed of themselves.

Gober probably wishes the police really were incompetent. He could get away with torturing helpless cats to his heart’s content if they were as clueless as the white liberal community, which…

…seemingly contacted Massachusetts State Representative Mike Connolly, a radical anti-police BLM supporter, on [Gober’s] behalf – according to online posts, Connolly then “went out of his way” to get in touch with Gober and assure him he would be able to fight for him against the seemingly racist police.

Brace yourself for a terrifying glimpse into the abyss of depravity that is moonbattery:

One of those who reached out to Connolly was Buddy’s owner himself, Craig Garvin, who in a statement said that he had “made us feel sympathy for you when you reached out to us with a moving story about how a raid by the police had left you distraught and emotionally damaged,” adding that it was “obvious from these deceptions that you wanted a larger impact than just the harm of an animal.”

According to the woke ideology that prevails in Cambridge, home of Harvard, a left-wing gay black person in trouble with the police is the ultimate paragon of virtue, regardless of context.

If we can’t even agree on the topic of torturing cats, there is truly no hope of reconciliation.

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