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Mar 22 2021

Lesbian Wives Are Now Politically Incorrect

Keeping up with political correctness can be challenging. A few minutes ago, it was heroically transgressive for lesbians to refer to their paramours as “wives.” What a gratifying thumb in the eye of patriarchal bigots who bitterly cling to the sanctity of marriage! However, the woke vanguard now regards the word “wife” in a lesbian context to be a thought crime.

NBC provides a platform for one Stephanie Fairyington:

I’ve actively eschewed the word “wife” in favor of less fraught terms like “spouse” or “partner” in an effort to protest both the limitations the role has historically placed on women, and the way it reinforces a gendered binary.

The “gendered binary” that is the basis of human life, not to mention animal life and even many plants, has been deposited in the dustbin of history.

Stephanie says she is not alone:

Ellen Kahn, the senior director of programs and partnerships at the Human Rights Campaign, explains why the term upsets her — and my — feminist sensibilities, noting that her ears “pricked up” when she started noticing young LGBTQ people using it. “As a woman, as a lesbian, as a gender nonconforming person, my coming of age is tied up in second wave lesbian feminism and so much of that ethos is around crushing the patriarchy or dismantling male supremacy,” she tells me. “So being a ‘wife’ was seen as this confining, limiting, almost belittling sort of term.”

The objective of the LGBT agenda is not merely to browbeat society into lauding alternative lifestyles. Wokesters aspire to delegitimize, dismantle, and destroy conventional human culture. The concept of a wife is associated with this culture; therefore, it is bad. The same goes for marriage:

I think many of our queer forebearers would find our use of the word — and our embrace of the institution it’s tethered to — an ironic step backwards. The 1960s and 70s gay liberationists, influenced by radical feminism, sought to forge a new value system, one that would boldly and irreverently challenge, even upend, institutions and orthodoxies like marriage and monogamy that govern our lives. Using traditional marital nomenclature to define our relationships is out of sync with this historical ethos.

This ethos — which is at the heart of queer theory and critical theory in general — can be summed up in three words: burn everything down.

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