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Sep 07 2022

LGBT Brainwashing Starts in Kindergarten

As we have seen, there is no minimum age for the defilement of children’s innocence. The more fundamentally depraved the ideology, the younger recruits need to be, or they will not be receptive to brainwashing.

Fortunately for LGBT militants, they and their fellow-traveling liberals control education. That allows indoctrination as early as kindergarten:

Nightingale-Bamford School, an all-female preparatory school in Manhattan, New York, is recommending books on transgenderism for kindergartners on its school library website.

These include:

Julian Is A Mermaid” by Jessica Love, about a boy, Julian, who wants to be like the women he saw dressed up as mermaids and eventually reveals his change in gender identity to his grandmother, who helps him transition.

In this Project Veritas video, Assistant Principal Todd Soper confirms that sexual indoctrination starts in kindergarten in NYC charter schools — and that diversity/equity/inclusion antiwhiteism is used to ensure ideological homogeneity among teachers:

Moonbats cannot be entrusted with other people’s children.

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