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Sep 05 2022

No Minimum Age for Defilement of Children’s Innocence

No child is too young for defilement by leftist social engineers. They have said so themselves.

Over the weekend in relatively wholesome Provo, Utah, children were groomed by weirdos at a drag show with the theme “Back to School Pride.” The event was billed as family friendly and suitable for all ages. Performer names included supposedly clever spellings of “Anal Leakage” and “Genitalia.”

The Salt Lake Tribune laid it on thick as it praised the groomers and demonized their opposition:

The angels stood quietly while protesters yelled “pedophile” and “groomer” and pushed signs quoting the Book of Mormon toward their faces.

“You’re going against God,” one man spat. Another told them to “stop protecting the homos” at Brigham Young University.

The dozen people dressed in white didn’t flinch. Hand in hand, they formed a shield between the 100 people rallying in front of them and the LGBTQ students, alumni and friends from BYU who gathered off campus to find and show support for each other Saturday night.

The angel’s wings, made of white sheets draped over PVC pipe that extended 3 feet above their shoulders, blocked most of the posters at the “Back to School Pride Night” at Kiwanis Park in Provo.

Angels. Wallowing in blasphemy along with the LGBT militants they champion, MSM propagandists do not leave you guessing as to which side it is politically correct to take.

Grooming kids is intended to produce gender dysphoria, which is brutally exploited. Our generation will be best remembered for permitting the surgical mutilation of children for the sake of advancing sexual perversion as a political cause.

There is no minimum age for this either, as a California doctor who performs sex change procedures on children confirms:

The comments and slideshow that came from Dr. Robert Mosser, the founder of the Gender Confirmation Center in San Francisco, were part of a presentation at the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference, which took place virtually in July 2021.

Emboldened by the unconditional support of the all-powerful liberal establishment, fiends like Mosser are arrogantly honest, at least at their own conferences.

“I do not have a minimum age of any sort in my practice,” Mosser explained during the presentation. “There’s no chronological age that says you don’t get surgery.”

Mosser admits to having inflicted these horrific procedures on children as young as 13. He is ready to go younger still.

When asked the youngest age child he’d consider for surgery, the doctor replied, “There is no youngest age. At all.”

Rather than face appropriate punishment for crimes against humanity that are unrivaled in history for sheer depravity, Mosser has been paid as much as $20 million for inflicting them.

As Thomas Jefferson would say,

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.

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