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Jun 24 2024

LGBT Patches to Demoralize and Politicize Military

It isn’t only children’s innocence that the leftists at the helm enjoy desecrating. Military honor is another favorite target.

Stars and Stripes reports from Osan Air Base in South Korea:

Airmen stationed on this installation 30 miles south of Seoul are authorized to wear a Pride morale patch this month.

“Pride” is meant in the Seven Deadly Sin sense, referring specifically to the pride degenerates take in their abnormal sexual practices. The world “morale” in this context takes irony to new extremes.

The patch’s circular design features the Progress rainbow flag at the center bordered by a black ring with “Osan+” on top and “Osan Air Base ROK” [ROK = Republic of Korea] at the bottom.

A military resource as important as ammunition and even food is morale, which is based largely on the concept of honor. Leftists have been systematically destroying both. Sexual perversion is not worth fighting for, nor is a military that systematically promotes it worth fighting in.

The corrosion of morale is not the only alarming consequence of Joe Biden being Commander in Chief. As John A. Lucas notes,

I have previously written about dangers of a political military, which is a danger to a free country and paves the way to a loss of freedom and even a dictatorship. But as we know, under the Biden administration, the politicization of the military is proceeding apace. As Joy Pullmann has documented in her just-released book, False Flag, the “pride flag” has flown over U.S. embassies and military installations worldwide since 2011. And our senior military leadership, from Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden on down, has embraced “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) and its political symbols to the max and to the detriment of the military and the country.

Promoting homosexuality and transsexuality falls under the rubric of the broader DEI agenda, as the Progress Pride flag used in the Osan Air Base patch makes explicit.

The Air Force base commander responsible for the change is Col. William McKibban. His spokeswoman told Stars and Stripes, “The patch represents the advancement of the Air Force’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, dignity, and respect within the mission.” Now, there is a commander who understands what his political masters want to see.

We are going to miss having an apolitical military when it is gone — as it soon will be if we are not quick about prying Democrats from power.

Flaunting an 11-colored “pride” patch that announces the wearer’s supposed “pride” in identifying with particular sexual practices or lifestyles is a political statement. It does absolutely nothing to advance a military unit’s lethality, competence, or readiness. But it does signal loyalty to DEI politics. Allowing it on any military uniform is another strike against an apolitical military, which is essential to a free country. But Col. McKibban clearly sees which way the political winds are blowing. My prediction is that he will make general.

How do you think characters like the conspicuously political Mark Milley get so far up the ladder? By contrast, in today’s military George Patton would not make it past corporal.

It is up to We the People to make Lucas’s prediction wrong by dramatically changing direction.

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