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Jul 18 2023

Lia Thomas: Trantifa Embodied

The purpose of Antifa is to utilize violence to impose Democrat ideology, with a special emphasis on transsexualism. As noted earlier,

Transsexuals are mentally ill by definition and characterized by a propensity for violence (e.g., Maya McKinney, Snochia Moseley, Anderson Lee Aldrich, Audrey Hale, Moses Lopez, William Whitworth, Shanu Varma, “Lara,” Zion William Teasley). Violence is the whole point of Antifa. Both are products of moonbattery. Put them together and you get Trantifa.

Cross-dressing sports cheat Will “Lia” Thomas could be Trantifa embodied:

Via Breitbart:

Controversial NCAA swimming champion Lia Thomas is stirring the pot once again, this time by posting images to social media showing him modeling a militaristic t-shirt in support of the domestic terror group Antifa.

Thomas is seen in the photo wearing dark sunglasses and the Antifa shirt, reading “Antifa Super Solder,” along with a bondage-style, military-esque leather gear.

Thomas, who has not even had himself castrated, was named NCAA “Woman of the Year” for making a mockery of women’s sports by competing as female.

Maybe Thomas is ready for violence because pushback against transsexual athletes has finally begun. Some transvestites are even required to compete on teams that match their actual sex:

Veronica Ivy, a Canadian cyclist who became the first transgender woman to win a world track cycling championship, took issue with the sport’s governing body’s updated policy on transgender athletes’ participation in women’s events.

Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) released its new policy on Friday, prohibiting any trans cyclist from competing in women’s events if they “transitioned after (male) puberty.”

Let’s hope policies like this do not encourage liberal parents to subject their children to sex change operations. But at least someone is trying to preserve women’s sports.

Hell hath no fury like a transsexual who for once doesn’t get his way:

“Veronica” shrieks that he “will not be deterred by this hateful targeted transphobic policy.” Uh oh, Trantifa may have another recruit.

On tips from ABC of the ANC.


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