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Jul 05 2022

Lib Traumatized by July 4th Flags

The American flag represents individual liberty and Western Civilization at its best. Moonbats react to it like vampires to the Holy Cross. This makes the Fourth of July triggering for them. Here, one describes the knot in her stomach she feels at the sight of the Stars and Stripes:

We are expected to believe that she once loved Old Glory, until it came to stand for “white supremacy” and a handful of angry yahoos trespassing in the people’s house. However, anti-Americanism has always been a fundamental tenet of moonbattery.

Treason is a moonbat’s first instinct. If they are American, that is reason enough for them to hate America. This is why they side with foreign trespassers against citizens, nonwhites against whites, and animals against people. If we are invaded by squid-like monsters from another galaxy, they will side with the aliens, and even act self-righteous about it, as they denounce their betters for “othering” the space creatures.

Projected self-loathing is the most likely psychopathological explanation.



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One Response to “Lib Traumatized by July 4th Flags”

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