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Mar 28 2022

Liberal Elitists Back Biden Call for Russian Regime Change

Biden’s reckless call for regime change stopped just short of a declaration of war on Russia. Coming right after he told American troops that they were going to Ukraine, a preemptive nuclear strike from Russia would not have been surprising. There are no adults in the White House, but there must at least be adolescents with IQs above room temperature, because they quickly walked back Biden’s belligerent raving.

Considering that the Biden Administration represents the liberal establishment more than it does the American people, maybe they shouldn’t have. Some prominent liberals love what Biden said.

Long-time CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller, policy advisor Paul Massaro, political scientist Larry Sabato, CIA insider Rodney Faraon, WaPo/CNN journalist/opinioned person Josh Rogin, and rabid WaPo moonbat Jennifer Rubin all compared Biden’s senile and irresponsible saber-rattling to Ronald Reagan’s call for Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall.

They are so disoriented as a result of living in a realm of pure BS that they cannot distinguish between Joe Biden and a great leader. Like drug dealers who indulge in their own merchandise, they are hopped up on Russophobia to the point of delirium.

Their rhetoric goes beyond non sequitur, through absurdity, into psychosis. Reagan was not threatening Gorbachev, much less stumbling to the brink of a pointless war in an attempt to buck up his poll numbers.

But then, what do I know? I’m not one of the smart people comprising the intelligentsia, many of whom pouted with disappointment when the bellicose statement was walked back before the missiles started flying.

Living in a country dominated by the liberal elite is like riding at the back of a bus careening along an icy mountain road while drunken maniacs tussle over the steering wheel.

Idiocracy incarnate.

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