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Feb 09 2021

Liberal Media Attacks Independent Employment

The tens of millions of Americans who work independently are on notice. Liberals do not approve of independence and plan to put a stop to it.

Among this year’s Super Bowl commercials, Dolly Parton made one for Squarespace, in which she paid homage to the hard work of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and gig workers who don’t settle for existence as corporate or bureaucratic drones. The ad features a reworked version of her song “9 to 5”:

NBC News is enraged:

Rather than paying homage to the spirit of the original song, which made no bones about the exploitative nature of the daily grind, the commercial for Squarespace features a tinny ode to the side hustle. Its office workers are portrayed as being overjoyed to continue working after hours, their side hustles are painted as freeing, fun and fulfilling, and the song itself encourages them to “be your own boss, climb your own ladder.”

It’s a perfect storm of gig economy propaganda.

Praising hard work and independence — qualities that built the country — is now wrongthink.

Parton’s silvery voice is being used to promote the false virtues of working overtime, when so many gig economy workers are barely scraping by and the tech companies who employ — but misclassify — them are raking in boffo profits. The gig economy is a wretched alternative to a stable paycheck and proper benefits, and efforts to paint it as a matter of “independence” or “being one’s own boss” downplay how hard it is for so many gig workers to make ends meet. The lack of a safety net has become even more apparent thanks to the increased demands and dangers of the Covid-19 pandemic Parton herself has helped combat; delivery drivers, grocery shoppers and other gig workers have become a lifeline to so many, and yet they remain stripped of the protections and dignity they deserve.

Now we really are in the realm of propaganda — of the Marxist variety. Work is slavery. Those who work are victims who need the “protection” of Big Government.

Dolly Parton is then denounced for having betrayed workers for the sake of money like a lousy capitalist.

The appalling piece was written by Kim Kelly. “Her work on labor, politics and working-class resistance” has been published in various leftist publications, according to her bio.

The attack on independent workers is all about pleasing powerful unions, which believe that if you can’t be unionized you shouldn’t be allowed to work.

The Blaze notes that Kelly isn’t alone:

• Slate’s pop culture writer and editor Hilary Hughes chided Parton for the same reasons, saying the ad “diminished one of the most potent, and beloved, messages behind her own work while dressing it up as a tribute.”

• Newsweek published an analysis calling the commercial “disturbing” and full of “propaganda” that reflects “an insane ideology.”

• And Jessica Bennett — a New York Times editor at large who covers women and culture — didn’t like the commercial’s theme, either, saying it ignores the present reality of “American women” who now “deal with ongoing job losses, economic challenges and just plain fatigue.”

The Luftwaffe used to soften up countries with a bombing campaign before ground troops invaded. Similarly, the media may be launching a propaganda barrage against independent work before the Biden Administration declares it illegal on behalf on its Big Union benefactors.

Legislation to this effect has already been inflicted in California with AB5, throwing countless people out of work. A similar bill has passed the House. Biden supports this new extreme of tyranny.

In addition to pleasing unions, banning independent work during a time of high unemployment would increase the public’s dependence on handouts from Big Government. That’s why it might happen.

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