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Aug 01 2022

Lights Start Going Out in Green Germany

Going green means going dark. It also means being hot in the summer and, what is usually worse, cold in the winter. Germany is a case in point:

Some of Germany’s biggest cities are preparing for an energy crunch this winter by shutting off warm water, limiting heat, and switching off lighting.

Consider Hanover, where they feel the need to reduce energy use by 15%:

Hanover’s municipal buildings will not be allowed to be heated to a temperature over 68F. The city has banned the use of mobile air conditioning units and fan heaters.

Hot water will be cut off to public buildings, pools, and gyms. Maybe the mandatory cold showers will help sober up moonbats drunk on climate Kool-Aid.

Leftists blame Putin, as if there were no way for Germany to acquire energy except from its historic nemesis Russia. The actual culprits are the fools who thought they could impose a transition to a “green” economy reliant on leftist-approved inefficient means of generating energy, which do not include nuclear. This is what left them so dependent on Russia.

It isn’t just Hanover:

“Vonovia, the country’s largest residential landlord, said it would be lowering the temperature of its tenants’ gas central heating to 17C (62F) between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.,” the Financial Times reported. “A housing association in the Saxon town of Dippoldiswalde, near the Czech border, went a step further this week, saying it was rationing the supply of hot water to tenants.”

The symbolism is hard to miss:

Berlin’s senate voted to turn off the lighting of 200 monuments, buildings, and landmarks in the German capital of more than 3.5 million people to save electricity.

Too bad the Biden Regime has a chokehold on the American energy industry. Germany would make a good market.

We don’t have to wonder if a green energy transformation will work, because it has already been tried. If the people running the USA meant the country well, they would learn from Germany’s foolish mistakes. But they choose not to learn, because Biden et al. are worse than fools. They are impoverishing America in the name of a hoax on purpose.

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