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Jul 03 2022

Biden Regime to Kill New Offshore Drilling

The Biden Regime having already hamstrung the energy industry, shutting down the Permian Basis will be devastating. But that’s not all our rulers have in store for us. For the next step in their incremental strangulation of the energy industry, they plan to prevent new offshore drilling in either sea or shining sea:

The proposed plan will give the administration the ability to hold no new lease sales at all, according to the Interior Department. The plan could allow a maximum of 11 oil lease sales for offshore drilling, ten in the Gulf of Mexico and one in the Cook Inlet off of the south-central Alaska coast over the course of the next five years.

That leaves nothing for the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Massive quantities of oil will lay wasted beneath the ocean floor.

The Interior Department is run by a leftist kook who was given the position because she is an Indian (do not say squaw) who evidently wants to get even with the pale faces for the injustices of centuries past.

Whoops Deb Haaland:

“From Day One, President Biden and I have made clear our commitment to transition to a clean energy economy.”

True enough. On his first day in office, Biden committed economic sabotage by killing the Keystone XL pipeline.

“Transitioning to clean energy” is Euphemese for deliberately destroying the US economy in order to fundamentally transform this into a very different country with a much lower standard of living and still lower population. It means genocide.

No serious person believes that green energy boondoggles can provide more than a tiny fraction of the power required to sustain the economy. The objective is economic collapse. Tens of millions of us will die of starvation — by design.

The tactic isn’t new. Genocide by starvation tightened the grip on power of communist dictators Stalin and Mao. That’s how both of them managed to dwarf Hitler’s body count.

The “transition” will be good for the climate, according to the doctrine of our ruling class. More importantly, it will leave those of us who survive more susceptible to totalitarian rule.

Americans could have no worse enemy than the leftists comprising the liberal establishment.

Meanwhile, Biden attempts to dupe idiots into going along with this by denouncing gas stations for the higher prices they must charge due to his policies:

Stand by for nationalization of gas stations. That will be the time to get a good pair of walking shoes — if you can still afford them.

It bears repeating that Biden promised in advance to abolish the fossil fuels that keep us alive. The effect of this on the economy is the same as the effect exsanguination has on a body:

When people promise to do evil, do not give them power.

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