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Jan 05 2021

Male Mask Karen Gets Scary

Male mask Karens are getting scary. One Michael Florhaug marched into an LA Fitness in Maplewood, Minnesota

Florhaug spoke to an employee at the front desk in an “aggressive and angry” manner about gym members not wearing masks. Eventually, a manager spoke to Florhaug. … The 64-year-old then yelled at the manager, calling him “dumb.” After the manager told Florhaug he could not enter the gym, Florhaug said he was going to walk around the gym and “take pictures of people,” later saying his intention was to get the business in trouble.

If leftists continue to consolidate power, they will need plenty of informants for their version of East Germany’s Stasi. Looks like they will have no trouble recruiting them.

A posted sign prohibits photography without the consent of the photographed, but Florhaug may have figured that this didn’t apply to him, not being a member of the gym.

The manager of the gym then put his hands up to stop Florhaug from further entering the gym, [at which point] Florhaug said “Oh yeah?” and proceeded to pull out and point a SIG Sauer 9 mm handgun at the manager.

If people like this have guns, you had better have one too.

Florhaug then attempted to proceed into the gym, but the manager tackled Florhaug from behind, according to the complaint. The manager disarmed Florhaug, removing the magazine from the handgun. He later told police he believed Florhaug was going to fire the weapon at members who didn’t have masks on.

That would have been a twofer for moonbats, ridding the world of hated antimaskers and generating propaganda to facilitate the coming crackdown on gun rights.

When they can’t milk the ChiCom virus anymore, our liberal overlords are likely to double down on global warming hysteria. Expect to see gullible maniacs pulling guns at gas stations.

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