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Aug 16 2020

What Biden Presidency Would Mean for Gun Rights

Lately the country feels like it is sliding toward ruin, which won’t make November easy on the incumbent. Given enough help from the media, Biden could win from his basement, even after his lurch to the left. sponsor presents the implications for our right to bear arms.

Biden has a history of hostility toward gun rights:

He voted for the 1986 Firearms Owners Protection Act, which was primarily a series of gimmes to gun grabbers in exchange for getting the ATF to leave law-abiding gun owners alone. … Biden was also instrumental in the passage of the Brady Bill. … Biden literally wrote the bill that banned so-called “assault weapons” in the United States for 20 years.

The worst is yet to come.

Biden and/or his handlers plan devious tactics to undercut the Second Amendment. One example is to declare gun violence a “public health epidemic,” giving the FDA power to punitively tax, regulate, and/or ban firearms. Another is to allow lawsuits against gun manufacturers for the misuse of their products.

When facing such liability, gun manufacturers will be inundated with frivolous lawsuits that will cause them to either go out of business or discontinue their civilian lines entirely. Biden has previously voted to repeal these protections…

In addition, he will continue the progressive approach of gradually gnawing away at our gun rights, making it ever more expensive and difficult to exercise them.

He will ban the importation of “assault weapons” by executive order, and push for a new assault weapons ban at least as repressive as the old one that expired. As for the AR-15s we already have, they will either be confiscated by mandatory “buyback” or registered for confiscation at a future time.

He would also limit firearm purchases to one per month, close the “gun show loophole” among various other supposed loopholes, deny gun rights on the grounds of “mental health,” deny them on the grounds of having committed a “hate crime,” and ban all online sales of guns, ammunition, kits, and parts.

The Biden platform would move to require all gun manufacturers to eventually manufacture only so-called “smart guns.” He would pass a law that would require all gun owners to keep their firearms in a gun safe, dramatically increasing the cost of ownership of firearms.

Biden also likes red flag laws and license requirements.

Local law enforcement often hesitates to deprive Americans of constitutional rights. Democrat hostility to local law enforcement has been conspicuous lately, driving the National Association of Police Organizations and the New York City Police Benevolent Association to endorse Trump. The feds have their own enforcement mechanisms.

The Biden platform includes creating a gun confiscation framework overseen by the ATF and the FBI.

It’s hard to trust the FBI in light of James Comey, Peter Strzok, et al. It will be harder still when one of Biden’s hard left handlers takes over as Attorney General.

Biden’s inauguration would not be a happy day for gun owners. Still less happy days would follow in the future.

Read the whole piece here, and stock up on affordable online ammo while you can.


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