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Jan 24 2021

Mandatory Racism and Sexism

With the ascension of Biden’s handlers to power, the Cultural Marxist ideology that has achieved a totalitarian level of predominance at universities is now the official policy of the US Government. The concepts of individual character and merit have been abolished in favor of political correctness.

Philip Carl Salzman has written an excellent piece describing this depraved, pernicious but for now victorious ideology. An excerpt:

There is now a strong consensus in schools, universities, the media, big tech, big business, and government that there are good human races and bad human races, good sexes and bad sexes, good sexualities and bad sexualities, and good ethnicities and ethnicities: White people are bad, evil oppressors of soulful people of color. Males are toxic oppressors of gentle females. Heterosexuals deny and reject LGBTQ++ normality and rights. Christians and Jews are bigoted oppressors of righteous Muslims. America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand are systemically racist and sexist and heteronormative societies, LGBTQ++ phobic, and Islamophobic.

All of this evil bigotry, we are told, must be overturned by measures that favor the oppressed and marginalize the evil perpetrators. People of color, females, LGBTQ++, and Muslims are “diverse,” and their “inclusion” must be a priority, while white people, males, heterosexuals, and Christians and Jews are not “diverse” and can without fault be excluded. These measures are not new; “affirmative action” favoring people of color, females and some minority ethnicities, validated by courts, has been an established policy in education, industry, and government for fifty years. “Virtuous” discrimination against white people, males, heterosexuals, Christians and Jews, and in some contexts, Asians, has long been second nature in our institutions. But now reverse racism, sexism, and discrimination [have] become the most important principle and policy in all spheres, canceling any consideration of competence, not to mention fairness.

The result of liberals getting the upper hand has been systemic racism, sexism, and bigotry directed against disfavored groups, and rigid repression of anyone who dissents. With Democrats triumphant, this agenda will increasingly become codified into federal law.

If you find your motivation to fight moonbattery flagging after the demoralizing events of the past few months, read the whole piece.

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm.


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