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Aug 27 2020

Maniac Fires on Trump Supporters

Why do you see more Black Lives Matter signs than Thin Blue Line flags? Is it because more people support rioting by militantly racist, explicitly anti-American maniacs than support law enforcement? No, or American civilization would have already collapsed. The real reason is that terrorism from BLM supporters has created a climate of fear. Put out a Black Lives Matter sign and maybe the mob won’t burn your house down. Support the heroes of law enforcement and you are asking for trouble. The prevailing reign of leftist terror was on naked display in Fort Mill, South Carolina on Monday:

A Charlotte man is charged with firing a gun near an Interstate 77 overpass in Fort Mill, where dozens of supporters of President Donald Trump were gathered Monday.

The accused assailant is 23-year-old Marquise Damarius Asomani.

The crowd, which included children, was waving flags on the Sutton Road overpass. Others were driving in their cars back and forth across the bridge with Trump flags flying from their windows.

Thanks to the liberal establishment’s avid fostering of Black Lives Matter terrorism, we now live in a country where you risk your life by openly supporting your own president.

Witnesses told Channel 9′s South Carolina bureau reporter Greg Suskin someone in a red car screamed profanities before opening fire on the group as they drove along Sutton Road.

Fortunately, no one was hit, and a state trooper was close enough to hear the shots and give chase.

Imagine what it will be like out there if progressives achieve their goal of defunding the police. Instead of driving away, mostly peaceful maniacs will keep shooting until the last body has stopped twitching.

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