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Aug 27 2020

Black Homicide Suspect Kills Himself, Rioters Riot

We now can look forward to rioting every time a black criminal is shot, even if he shoots himself:

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo dispelled rumors on social media about the death of the unidentified Black man suspected in a Wednesday afternoon homicide who later fatally shot himself on the Nicollet Mall as officers approached. The incident, which was captured on city surveillance video and released by police within 90 minutes, nonetheless sparked protests and looting in the heart of downtown.

They had to call out the National Guard to restore order.

A large crowd began to gather near the shooting scene within an hour, and some began to break windows at nearby businesses, reports CBS Minnesota.

The mostly peaceful protesters also set off fireworks and threw bottles. Gunshots were heard.

They rushed to Target to engage in racial justice. Officials soon put a stop to the looting there, whereas earlier they would have allowed the store to be cleaned out. Even liberal authorities are getting tired of the mayhem, now that they have figured out it isn’t helping them in the polls.

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