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Apr 19 2021

Maxine Waters Gets Quick Response on Call for Violence

Prominent Democrat Maxine Waters did not even have to wait for a verdict displeasing to the mob to get a possible response to her recent call for violence.

Via Zero Hedge:

Hours after Sen. Maxine Waters (D-CA) urged protesters to ‘get more confrontational,’ a Minnesota National Guard and Minneapolis police team were targeted in a [Sunday] morning drive-by shooting, according to a press release by the National Guard.

Fortunately, the guardsmen suffered only minor injuries from shattered glass. Less fortunately, this is only a taste of the violence the Democrat/media axis of evil will foment if it is unsuccessful in railroading Derek Chauvin despite the lame case against him.

Several protesters were arrested late Saturday following Waters’ comments, after what the Washington Post described as a “volatile skirmish between police and protesters” involving around 100 people.

Waters has made it clear that a manslaughter verdict will not suffice. On behalf of the mob, she demands a murder conviction, never mind the evidence that George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose complicated by coronary artery disease, hypertensive heart disease, and the ChiCom virus.

We will soon know whether we still have rule of law in this country or we are governed by a mob. If it is the latter, dark days lie ahead. Even by lynch mob standards, Black Lives Matter is particularly savage, irrational, and malevolent.

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One Response to “Maxine Waters Gets Quick Response on Call for Violence”

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