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Apr 20 2021

Could Maxine Waters Spring Derek Chauvin?

Assuming that Derek Chauvin is not criminally responsible for George Floyd’s death — and it appears that he is not — the best outcome would be a not guilty verdict and the ensuing mob violence kept under control. To that end, Minneapolis has been made into a fortress. The next best outcome, if the jury succumbs to intimidation and votes guilty, would be Chauvin getting sprung after the trial is declared null and void thanks to the antics of Maxine Waters.

Readers will recall that like Al Sharpton, Waters traveled to Minnesota to exploit the Chauvin spectacle. After asking for police protection, she encouraged mob violence against the police. This was followed within a few hours by a drive-by assassination attempt on National Guard and Minneapolis police. Although powerful Persons of Color are not subject to criminal penalties (as Waters has already demonstrated), she not only committed incitement to riot, but also potentially tampered with the jury by calling for violence if they don’t return a verdict to her liking. Her behavior outraged even the pro-prosecution judge, Peter Cahill.

Via American Thinker:

Cahill denied that the jury would be influenced, but nevertheless, he lit into Waters for talking about the case, “especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of law” …

Judge Cahill added that Waters’s conduct not only was “abhorrent,” but could result in the case being overturned on appeal if Chauvin is convicted.

Although Cahill is not willing to declare a mistrial, an appeals court may acknowledge the obvious: Derek Chauvin is not getting a fair trial.

An appellate court might chicken out too and sacrifice Chauvin to Black Lives Matter. But it is always possible that someone will exhibit enough character to defend our system of justice against a vicious mob.

Even if Waters didn’t derail the railroading of Chauvin, she has helped expose the vileness of today’s Democrat Party. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, one of the three most powerful Democrats, actually defended her outrageous incitement to riot.

The Democrat Party is rotten all the way to the top. We are past the point where any person who is both decent and informed could support it in good conscience.

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