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Jun 11 2023

Megan Fox and Her Three Sons

Moonbat, actress, and single mom Megan Fox showcases her three sons:

Fox actually sends her sons to school in girls’ clothes, so that they might be laughed at by other children, earning her victim points to display before the media. As reported 2 years ago,

Fox has been milking the media for free publicity by complaining that her 8-year-old son showing up for school wearing a dress has not been received by the other kids with the politically required enthusiastic approval.

You’ve heard of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Fox enjoys oppression by proxy.

What are the odds of these boys growing up psychologically stable?

It is awful enough that the degenerate kooks infesting Hollyweird sometimes raise children. Worse still, they are presented as role models, influencing parents throughout the country.

A healthy society has heroes; in their place, we have celebrities.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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