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May 06 2021

Melting Glacier Is Not Sad After All

Relentless propaganda from the liberal establishment has conditioned the gullible to respond like Pavlov’s dog to any story involving glaciers. For example, CNN reports this:

Researchers have recovered a treasure trove of World War I artifacts from a cave shelter in northern Italy revealed by the melting of a glacier. …

It sits at an altitude of 3,094 meters (10,151 feet), just below the peak of Mount Scorluzzo, and excavation work has been carried out each July and August since 2017, removing around 60 cubic meters of ice from the cave.

The ice they have been excavating to reach the artifacts could not have been there when Austrian soldiers used the cave as a shelter. That’s because it was warmer during WWI than it is now, despite over a century of unprecedented human carbon emissions. This suggests that global warming dogma is a preposterous lie.

Yet a predictable response is for sheep to bleat that it is sad the ice is melting, as if it proved we are all doomed for not abandoning economic freedom and forbidding the use of fossil fuels as leftists demand.

Tony Heller has a laugh at this idiocy, and takes the opportunity to document how Big Government lies about the temperature record to advance its agenda:

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.


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