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Mar 16 2023

Michael Moore Descended From Slave

You can see why progressives are so keen to erase history. To prop up their ideology, it must be replaced with fictional narratives like New York Times’ 1619 Project and the education establishment-endorsed fantasies of anti-American communist Howard Zinn. Some leftists also have personal reasons. Angela Davis — also an anti-American communist, as well as a black supremacist — turns out to have ancestors who came over on the Mayflower. Now we learn that Michael Moore is descended from a slave.

As with Davis, the revelation comes complements of the PBS program Finding Your Roots. Nonmoonbat taxpayers are finally getting some return on their compulsory investment.


Host and executive producer Henry Louis Gates Jr. said on the show that Moore’s paternal eighth great grandfather was one of 300 Scottish slaves brought to Boston from London in 1651.

Ancestor John Wattles was later freed and settled outside Boston before he was killed in a clash between colonists and Native Americans in 1676, Gates told Moore, who said he understands the reasons for the death.

Figures a guy who probably walks like a hippopotamus on its hind legs would be descended from someone whose name sounds like “waddles.”

Moore denounced his fellow Caucasians while characteristically siding against his ancestor and with the Stone Age savages who killed him.

Now here’s an ancestor a moonbat like Moore can take pride in:

His third great grandfather was brought before a court martial in 1812 after refusing to serve in a militia.

“That is amazing and such a good feeling too,” Moore said.

Everyone on earth is descended from slaves, but with most of us, they are far enough back that we don’t know their names. Moore’s enslaved forebearer gives the lie to the leftist stance that white people are inherently bad because slavery.

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