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Apr 05 2021

MLB Hypocrisy Barrage

MLB punishing Georgia for a new law inhibiting the election fraud that the Democrat Party is banking on is, as Joe Biden might put it, hypocrisy on steroids.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred says the All-Star Game was pulled from Georgia (at Biden’s explicit request) because MLB “fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box.” Election security equals voter suppression, according to the leftist talking point.

Meanwhile, MLB just renewed a licensing contract with the ChiCom conglomerate Tencent, which does not air Houston Rockets or Philadelphia 76ers games because Daryl Morey expressed support for democracy in Hong Kong. Morey was GM for the Rockets and is now with the 76ers.

We already knew that Manfred doesn’t give a flying damn about democracy. Otherwise, he would be in favor of election integrity in Georgia.

More MLB hypocrisy:

According to Biden and toadies like Manfred, asking for ID is racist. That’s why Georgia must be punished. MLB did not respond to multiple requests from Fox News to explain its policy, which qualifies as “Jim Crow on steroids” by Biden’s criteria.

In case that isn’t enough hypocrisy to cure readers of watching hyperpoliticized professional baseball, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp notes that MLB is headquartered in New York:

“When you look at New York’s voting laws, you have to have an excuse to vote absentee by-mail in New York. You do not in Georgia,” Kemp said. …

Kemp said Georgia has 17 days of in-person early voting, while New York has 10.

“I guess we should be boycotting [MLB] for having their headquarters in New York because that law is more strict than ours,” he said. “I mean, this is all ridiculous.”

Not only is the Georgia boycott ridiculous, it is based on brazen lies.

The Georgia safeguards are less restrictive than those in Biden’s home state Delaware. But this isn’t about Georgia. It is about making sure everyone knows that no opposition to HR1 will be tolerated. If it passes, Democrats need never worry about the wrath of voters again. That’s why they have been pushing their radical agenda to the furthest extreme and shamelessly looting the treasury with blowout spending bills, as if the final election had already taken place.

Both parties have an interest in laws like Georgia’s. For either party to govern effectively, the public needs to believe it was elected legitimately.

However, the radicalized Democrats are no longer interested in governing. They want to rule. They don’t care if we regard elections as legitimate, so long as we know that if we resist we will be punished.

A local propaganda organ of the Democrat Party thinks Detroit should get the All-Star Game:

Detroit Is Diverse, Inclusive and Ready to Welcome MLB All-Stars

Given that Detroit is overwhelmingly Democrat, Manfred might agree. Plus, it has the sort of “diversity” championed by Democrats — i.e., in addition to being ideologically virtually homogeneous, it is even more overwhelmingly devoid of Caucasians.

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