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Apr 03 2021

Reaction to Georgia Confirms Democrats Rely on Fraud

The emphasis placed on HR1, which would institutionalize voter fraud, has demonstrated that the Democrat Party relies heavily on cheating. The ruling party’s reaction to a Georgia law that tightens up a little of the sloppiness that characterized the 2020 election confirms it.

Democrats don’t merely oppose this law, which leaves swing state Georgia with looser restrictions than some solid blue states (e.g., New York, New Jersey, Joe Biden’s Delaware, etc.). They have gone nuclear, leaning heavily on corporations to back up their mendacious propaganda campaign against the law.

They didn’t have to twist arms hard at Major League Baseball, which is run by like-minded leftists, as its response to Black Lives Matter rioting made obvious.

Announces MLB:

Major League Baseball announced on Friday that it will relocate the 2021 All-Star Game and MLB Draft, originally scheduled to take place in Atlanta, to a to-be-determined location.

The decision comes a little more than a week after the passage of S.B. 202, a Georgia law that President Joe Biden criticized earlier this week, saying that it will restrict voting access for residents of the state.

On the contrary, the bill does not restrict voting access. It tries to cut down on fraud. Being asked to provide ID does not restrict voting access in any meaningful sense, nor is it remotely racist. But since the racism club works, that’s what the liberal establishment is beating Georgia with.

The MLB announcement goes on at length, self-righteously combatting imaginary racial oppression by helping the Democrat Party defend voter fraud. If you haven’t sworn off professional baseball yet, read it and you likely will.

Based on brazen lies told by Biden and the liberal media, allowing election fraud is presented as a civil rights issue — and yet:

Can they explain for us why they recently held a ball game in [the] brutal totalitarian military dictatorship of Cuba? … Can they explain to us why they hold a training camp in China, home of the Uighur slave-labor laogai and the broken-treaty de-democratization of Hong Kong?

The explanation is simple: this is not about civil rights. If anything, the Georgia law upholds civil rights by trying to prevent the cancelation of legitimate votes through fraud.

The entire issue is a power grab by the Democrat Party.

Corporations are scrambling to get in the good graces of a party that will exert a totalitarian level of control after it uses election fraud to cement single-party status. This is conspicuous in the case of Delta Airlines, which had praised the bill, but then turned against it afterward, evidently buckling to pressure from the Biden Regime.

The USA is becoming a country in which you cannot do business unless you are in the good graces of the Democrat Party. That is the point of the never-ending subsidies and regulations.

In most major cities and the entire state of California, Democrats have effectively already achieved single-party rule. Not nationally though. There has been some pushback from Senators Mike Lee (R-UT) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep Jeff Duncan (R-SC), who question MLB’s federal antitrust exemption:

“Why does @MLB still have antitrust immunity?” Lee tweeted. “It’s time for the federal government to stop granting special privileges to specific, favored corporations—especially those that punish their political opponents.”

However, privileges will continue to flow to the politically compliant so long as the Democrat Party rules by decree, ramming through legislation with zero support from Republicans.

The belligerent manner in which Democrats have imposed radical legislation and executive orders as if opposition did not exist indicates that they believe election fraud will protect them from the wrath of the population.

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