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Dec 18 2020

MLB Retroactively Incorporates Negro Leagues

As the joke goes, under leftists, the future is certain; it’s the past that keeps changing. Consider the way Ingsoc apparatchiks like Winston Smith have to continually revise history to show that Oceania has always been at peace with Eastasia and at war with Eurasia or vice versa in 1984. Consider the way MLB is fundamentally transforming its own statistical records:

Major League Baseball (MLB) is elevating the Negro Leagues of 1920 through 1948 to “Major League” status, MLB said on Wednesday, calling the move a correction of “a longtime oversight.”

That means that records and statistics from the Negro Leagues will be incorporated into MLB history.

MLB said it was working with the Elias Sports Bureau to review the move’s “ramifications on statistics and records.”

These ramifications should be obvious. Given that these were different leagues played among smaller groups of people and no doubt had different standards regarding record keeping, this move puts an asterisk next to everything in the record books. Hitting x number of home runs in AAA or Nippon Professional Baseball is not the same as hitting them off major league pitching. Same applies here.

The wokesters running MLB are essentially erasing baseball history by reducing it to a meaningless mess on behalf of political correctness.

Some leftists regard children as oppressed, their parents being the main oppressors:

Maybe MLB should correct another longtime oversight by retroactively incorporating Little League stats into the Major League records.

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