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Nov 17 2023

Moonbat–Muslim Alliance Attacks DNC Headquarters

The Democratic Party is under siege by its own leftward flank:

Protestors clashed with police outside of the Democratic National headquarters as pro-Palestine groups flooded the front facility and violence erupted.

Officers have already made at least one arrest for assault on an officer after 150 activists surged towards the Washington, DC, building on Wednesday night.

The incident left six police officers injured from cuts, pepper spray and being punched.

Mostly peaceful liberal protesters frequently attack police officers nowadays. Literally thousands were injured by the Black Lives Matter riots that enjoyed the enthusiastic support of the liberal establishment.

The protesters demand a “ceasefire” — i.e., surrender to Hamas in the aftermath of the horrific October 7 terror atrocities that featured children and their parents being tortured and murdered in front of each other.

Again we see that being on their side hardly protects an institution from leftist bullies. On the contrary, bullies push around those who are susceptible to being pushed. For example, campus protests abound because student hooligans know liberal educrats are likely to give in to even the most outrageous demands, so long as they come from the Left.

Many in the Biden Regime are already on board:

Four hundred government officials from 40 departments and agencies within President Biden’s administration signed a letter opposing the president’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war and demanded a cease-fire.

The Tuesday letter, first reported by the New York Times, includes officials from the State Department, White House, National Security Council and the Justice Department.

Biden has tried to take both sides simultaneously, officially siding with Israel while meanwhile giving $100 million to Hamas, launching a pro-Islam propaganda campaign, and scheming to depose Netanyahu.

Even this is not good enough for today’s Left, which demands total capitulation. Israelis are regarded as white-adjacent. Therefore, they are “colonizers,” despite living on land that has been theirs for millennia. Therefore, “From the River to the Sea” — i.e., they must be eradicated.

Note that who leftists really want to eradicate is regular Americans. This they will do soon after they have managed to disarm us.

With the staggeringly hypocritical projection that characterizes progressives, elected Democrats accuse Israel of “genocide” for resisting genocide.

Lest you thought it was even remotely possible to reason with a moonbat, listen as a fiend protesting in support of torturing children to death shrieks in outrage because a police officer allegedly shoved one of her comrades:

That’s what is taking over the Democratic Party, which has already taken over the media, the schools, and the government.

We are not arguing with opponents. We are staving off hordes of demons.

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10 Responses to “Moonbat–Muslim Alliance Attacks DNC Headquarters”

  1. Principal Poop says:

    She seems nice.

  2. grayjohn says:

    the Democrats have always believed they could use and manipulate Islam the way they used the Blacks since the 60’s. Wake up call time!

  3. WDS says:

    Theater & Hystrionics major.

  4. Jack Bauer says:

    Dang…..I long for the good old days, when society could just drop a net over someone like her, and just be done with it.

  5. Troy Harding says:

    This is the fruit of taking the bible out of schools, of not disciplining your children, and of allowing the Marxist unions to take over our schools. They cannot reason as normal and rational human beings do, they just scream and throw tantrums as if that will get them their way; we the sane people of the country will have none of it. This is the democrat party tearing itself apart, and let’s hope some sanity emerges, but I seriously doubt it will.

  6. Kevin R. says:

    Rioters need to be shot in the act.

  7. Veritas100 says:

    Woman reminds me of Nikki Haley debating Vivek.

  8. Tamaa the Drongo Bird says:

    Now will the DNC Finaly vote to close the Borders and return violent mobs Muslims to where they came from?


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