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Apr 25 2022

Moonbat Parenting Fail

How crestfallen moonbat parents must be when they invest time and effort into socially engineering a boy to be an effeminate wuss but he turns out to be a boy nonetheless. That is the tragic tale Jay Deitcher tells at

After turning 2 years old, my son, Avishai, started demanding that he only wear tractor shirts, and my mind spiraled into darkness. I catastrophized worst-case scenarios, imagining a world where he fell for everything stereotypically manly. I envisioned him on a football field, barreling through mega-muscled opponents. Imagined him waxing a sports car on a warm summer day. I have always judged other guys who seemed boxed in by masculinity, but 3 ½ years ago, when I became a stay-at-home dad, my bias skyrocketed.

Deitcher dislikes men for the usual liberal reasons. He even hates plaid because he considers it masculine, and Ford cars because he thinks of them as “the John Wayne of automobiles.” To raise his son properly, he resolved that he “needed to distance myself from anything deemed masculine.”

No doubt this was easy for Deitcher; he’s a moonbat. However, Avishai is not a moonbat but a boy.

I immediately cut my hours at my social work gig, taking on the role of caregiving full time. … Every day I fed Avishai and cuddled him and soothed him. We co-slept, and he snoozed with his head resting on my chest, listening to the rhythm of my heartbeat. I began attending mommy-and-me playgroups and bristled when other caregivers made jokes about me providing daddy day care.

But no amount of time devoted to providing a metrosexual role model would suffice. He thought he was getting somewhere:

Once my son could walk, I paraded him through the park while he rolled his baby doll down the sidewalk in its stroller.

But then Avishai developed a fascination with tractors. Deitcher resisted at first but then gave in and let him wear shirts with tractors printed on them.

Better luck next time, Deitcher. At least the kid is racially correct.

You can see why progressive parents are so eager to set rug rats on the path toward transsexualism. Subtle nudges might not work. You have to push them hard enough to derail their little minds if you want to be sure they grow up to be moonbats.

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