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Apr 05 2022

Moonbat Teacher Stopped Grading Work Because Equity

Elisabeth Gruner, Professor of English at the University of Richmond, plays a proud role in the eradication of standards that is reducing education to a farcical waste of time and money.

She regards having to determine grades to be “tyranny,” so she has stopped grading students’ work:

I was concerned with equity. For almost 10 years I have been studying inclusive pedagogy, which focuses on ensuring that all students have the resources they need to learn. My studies confirmed my sense that sometimes what I was really grading was a student’s background. Students with educational privilege came into my classroom already prepared to write A or B papers, while others often had not had the instruction that would enable them to do so. The 14 weeks they spent in my class could not make up for the years of educational privilege their peers had enjoyed.

Only by abolishing standards can we achieve equity. Respect for excellence is an obstacle, so it is discredited with the concept of “privilege.”

Only a sick society at an advanced stage of decline would choose equity over excellence.

Some took my children’s literature class because they thought it would be a fun or easy way to fulfill the requirement. They confessed, sometimes reluctantly, to anxieties about reading, about writing. They weren’t confident in their skills, didn’t think they could improve. These were exactly the students I was hoping to reach.

In sane times, her students would have been spending their time more constructively, by pushing mops or cleaning hotel rooms. But there will be time enough for that after they waste 4 years of their lives digging themselves into debt to acquire a useless degree.

Outrageously, taxpayers are forced to subsidize this farce. If Democrats have their way, student loan debt will be canceled; we will have to pick up the entire tab.

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