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Jun 27 2022

Moonbats Attack the Good for Being Good

In the Roe v. Wade aftermath, it is open season on good people, who are physically attacked explicitly for being good.

For example:

One of the more notable attacks (among many) took place at the Life Choices Christian crisis center for pregnant women in Longmont, Colorado. When police and firefighters arrived at the center after three o’clock in the morning, the building was already ablaze. The graffiti we’ve come to expect in these attacks was on display, proclaiming the usual messages pushed by Jane Sent Us.

The media participates by keeping reporting on this terror campaign to a minimum.

No injuries were reported that time, but it isn’t only property tolerant liberals target for violence:

A Seattle street preacher found himself in a maelstrom of hate on Friday, according to multiple social media posts that showed the man lying on the pavement and his Bibles torn to shreds.

Black-clad gangs of what appeared to be antifa agitators targeted the preacher as violence erupted in the aftermath of the Supreme Court overturning the Roe v. Wade ruling that had legalized abortion nationwide.

Not since the Roman Empire before Constantine was it this dangerous to be a Christian:

This is not only about the right to life, or about whether the Constitution says what it says as opposed to whatever leftists choose to pretend that it says. Good and evil have never been in starker opposition.

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