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Feb 15 2020

Congresscommie Denounces US Constitution as Sexist by Design

It has been a good run. The US Constitution has been the law of the land for 231 years, providing America with the most stable government on earth over that period and enabling it to become the envy of the world. But now it has to go. This product of dead white males has been revealed by Squad member Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) to be “sexist by its very design.”

Ayanna got her way; the House passed H.J. Resolution 79, which removes the 1982 deadline for ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment. This would impose publicly funded abortion on demand in the name of “equality.”

When moonbats bark that women are not considered equal, they mean that women do not yet enjoy a sufficient degree of superior legal status. Usually, the specific gripe is that women are sometimes paid less when they do less useful work. But since nothing short of mandatory vasectomies for all men will satisfy feminists, they will never admit that women have achieved equality.

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Feb 11 2020

Buttigieg and Infanticide

Just how radical is supposed “moderate” Democrat Pete Buttigieg? It’s hard to tell from his record, because he doesn’t have one — unless you count having been Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. But his extremism does not stop with wanting to erase Thomas Jefferson and decriminalize heroin. On the topic of infanticide, Mayor Pete could be out there in Ralph Northam territory.

Via the Daily Wire:

[ABC’s Meghan] McCain asked, “But what if a woman wanted to, I don’t know, invoke infanticide after a baby was born, you’d be comfortable with that?”

“Does anybody seriously think that’s what these cases were about?” Buttigieg lashed out.

I take that to mean yes, he would be comfortable. Confirmation was not long in coming:

“There are people pushing for that, yes,” McCain noted.

Buttigieg responded by refusing [to] disavow infanticide.

Slopes are slippery when you are dealing with progressives. In the end, either you are for killing babies or you aren’t. Peter the Pomeranian Prince gives it the thumbs up:

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Jan 31 2020

Nondoctors to Perform Abortions in Virginia

The leftists who have exploited demographic transformation to take control of Virginia are plunging headlong into moonbattery so urgently, they are forgetting that abortion is supposed to be healthcare. Via LifeSiteNews:

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Virginia House and Senate respectively both voted to allow non-doctors to commit abortions and to end the requirement women be given pre-abortion ultrasounds, counseling, and a 24-hour waiting period.

For once Democrats are business friendly. If they continue to loosen restrictions, soon mani-pedi operations will be able expand into abortion throughout the state.

Giving women ultrasounds is bad from the liberal point of view because women are less likely to kill their babies after having seen them.

The bills also loosen health and safety requirements for abortion facilities.

Kermit Gosnell should have waiting a few years and then set up shop in Virginia.

Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam’s call for legalized postnatal infanticide seems to be on hold for now, but only due to pushback.

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Dec 22 2019

Michelle Wolf: Abortion Made Me Feel Like God

Much of the Left’s intellectual firepower comes from comedians. They are responsible for issuing marching orders and talking points to rank and file moonbats whose flabby minds can’t focus on grownup programming like news. Jon Stewart perfected the tactic of spewing pure moonbattery, they ducking behind the “Hey, I’m just a comedian” defense when called out on the irresponsibility not to mention idiocy of his political propaganda. Speaking through professional clowns allows the liberal establishment to tell us what it really feels. For example, comedienne Michelle Wolf reveals that abortion is a sacrament to progressives because snuffing out an innocent life makes them feel like God.

NewsBusters reports on her recent Netflix (of course) comedy special Joke Show.

After earning rounds of applause from her degenerate audience by proclaiming that women should be able to get abortions “for any reason you want” and that ending your own child’s life does not have to be “a big deal”…

Wolf further tried to destigmatize the baby-killing, saying that her own abortion wasn’t a big deal for her and lamenting that women “feel like you should have this sense of shame after you get an abortion.” To that she claimed, “you can feel any way you want after an abortion. Get one! See how you feel.”

Sincere advice or a depraved attempt at humor? You can take it either way. That’s the point of preaching politics within the context of standup comedy.

Teeing up the big line, however, Wolf asked, “You know how my abortion made me feel? Very powerful.” Still it wasn’t over: “You know how people say you can’t play God?” She followed it with a heavy cringe-inducing quip.

“I walked out of there being like, ‘Move over Morgan Freeman, I am God!’” Wolf quipped, referencing the actor famous for playing God in Bruce Almighty.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Michelle Wolf pass off abortion advocacy as tasteless comedy. From last year:

That’s our culture if liberals prevail.

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Oct 10 2019

NARAL Subjects Itself to Ridicule With Sanctimonious Tweet

An absurd tweet from the pro-abortion radicals at NARAL…

…triggered an avalanche of witty responses. Here’s my favorite:

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Sep 15 2019

Ulrich Klopfer, Trophy-Taking Abortionist

Aside from socialist dictators, no one racks up a body count like an abortionist. Late term abortionist George Tiller boasted of killing over 50,000 before his career was prematurely terminated. Those who like to keep trophies may need additions to their houses for extra storage space. Consider the recently deceased Ulrich Klopfer.

Via WGN:

According to the Will County [Illinois] Sheriff’s Office, the attorney for Dr. Ulrich Klopfer’s family contacted them on Thursday informing them of the discovery of 2,246 medically preserved fetal remains.

Klopfer used to practice in South Bend, Indiana, a town best known for producing the first presidential candidate to run on a platform of being homosexual. His medical license was suspended back in 2015, after he failed to report aborting the baby of a 13-year-old. It can be hoped that he was not still adding to his trophy collection when he died September 3.

Let’s also hope that he did a better job of storing his trophies than his colleague Kermit Gosnell.

Depraved professions don’t always attract the most wholesome people.

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Sep 10 2019

Religious Freedom, Democrat Style

Despite their open hostility toward Christianity, Democrats have a conception of religious freedom that goes beyond siding with Muslims at every opportunity.

Last month,

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) filed H.R. 4169, the “Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Act.” The bill would allow taxpayers “who are conscientiously opposed to participation in war” to send their tax dollars to a separate fund that would spend the revenue on non-military purposes.

In contrast,

In December 2016, he joined 106 other Democrats in urging President Donald Trump to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which protects taxpayers from being forced to fund abortion…

Money is fungible anyway. If you pay taxes, you finance both war and abortion. Hyde Amendment or no Hyde Amendment, over half a $billion per year of federal tax money is funneled into the lucrative and politically connected abortion mill Planned Parenthood.

Lewis’s posturing is strictly symbolic. But everything is symbolic in politics. This symbolizes both Democrat morality (killing inconvenient babies is unquestionably acceptable; defending your country is morally dubious) and the Democrat conception of the role of government (promoting degeneracy by killing babies is an essential service; national defense is optional).

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Sep 05 2019

Which Is Worth More, an Eagle or a Human?

Having established that a dog that you know is worth more than a random human being whom you don’t, let’s now determine which is more valuable, an eagle or a human. Will Witt hits Echo Park in Los Angeles to learn the answer by presenting petitions to save unhatched birds and to save unborn babies.

Via The Blaze:

“Eagles are people, too,” one woman remarked as she grabbed a pen.

Just like plants.

Then Witt presented the human baby petition.

The same woman who declared “eagles are people, too” hit the brakes when it came to protecting humans in the womb: “I’m pro-abortion. Sorry.”

The devaluation of human life makes any extreme of tyranny possible.

Moronic bumper sticker slogans justifying abortion blow away in the breeze, leaving behind the leaden reality that these people think a bird is more valuable than a person.

Jul 17 2019

Leana Wen Confirms Planned Parenthood Is Primarily Political

Leana Wen getting ousted from the top of Planned Parenthood after only 10 months confirms that the organization is primarily about politics, not healthcare.

When Wen said that “Healthcare shouldn’t be political,” I burst into guffaws. Planned Parenthood’s genocidal brand of “healthcare” is the essence of leftist politics. She seemed to be taking the liberal practice of quacking the opposite of the truth to the point of self-parody. But it seems she actually meant it. That’s why they canned her over what she calls “philosophical differences.”

From U.S. News & World Report:

Planned Parenthood confirmed the departure of Wen, the first physician to lead the organization in some 50 years… It named Planned Parenthood board member Alexis McGill Johnson as acting president effective immediately. McGill Johnson is a political organizer and activist.

The acting president has more appropriate credentials than Leana Wen. On average, $500,000,000 per year of taxpayer money is poured into the already lucrative abortion factory, which has evidently branched out into the illegal peddling of body parts. Planned Parenthood needs a leader who will keep the coercively generated funds flowing, and keep officials from shutting down the whole operation and hauling these moonbats off to jail.

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Jul 16 2019

Netroots Nation Watermelon Abortion

At this year’s Netroots Nation, a watermelon was tastelessly used to demonstrate how to perform an abortion:

Note that a black woman holds the watermelon as its make-believe baby is aborted. The patron saint of abortion, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, regarded blacks as human weeds to be eliminated. Abortion kills a disproportionate number of blacks (reportedly more than the seven other leading causes of death combined).

In the liberal religion, it is considered extreme blasphemy to associate watermelons with blacks. But maybe the thought police make an exception for abortion proponents.

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Jul 11 2019

Facebook Meddled in Irish Abortion Referendum

When it isn’t issuing fatwas against countermoonbats, Facebook busies itself by meddling in elections. Ireland has long been a bastion of Catholicism. However, following last year’s Irish abortion referendum, the country altered its constitution to allow abortion for the sake of convenience. This is an example of the devastating moral effect of liberal social engineering. One of the social engineers was Mark Zuckerberg.

When the referendum came up, Facebook asked the Irish government what to do about prolife ads. The response was, we have no laws that apply, do as you please. So Facebook censored the ads on behalf of the Culture of Death.

It isn’t just Zuckerberg. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is so besotted by the sanctity of the ultimate act of worship at the altar of liberalism that she donated $2 million to Planned Parenthood.

As Michael Van Der Galien notes,

Facebook has truly become a force for authoritarian progressivism — and it’s downright frightening.

If only the menace were limited to Facebook — or even to Silicon Valley. The entire liberal establish is frightening. But we haven’t seen anything yet. If it is able to consolidate power after the 2020 elections, it will become more frightening still.

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Jul 08 2019

Death Threats Used to Suppress Unplanned in Canada

Anyone wondering why lefties are referred to as the “Culture of Death” should find this story informative. Canadian theater owners are getting death threats for planning to show the pro-life movie Unplanned.

Unplanned dramatizes Abby Johnson’s conversion from Planned Parenthood abortion facility manager to pro-life advocate and was written, produced and directed by Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman.

The producers removed a listing of theaters that will show the movie on July 12 from their website at the request of the B.J. McKelvie, a pastor who is president of the Canadian distributor of the film, Cinedicon.

McKelvie confirmed to LifeSiteNews that two Canadian independent cinema owners contacted police after receiving death threats they perceived as credible, and that they are “fearful for their families.”

Another Canadian independent theatre owner “has been harrassed to the extreme.”

One of the two owners who contacted the police has cancelled the Unplanned screening, but all the rest “are holding their ground,” McKelvie said.

These are the tactics the Left uses when virtual total control of the media is not enough to eradicate dissent. Only one point of view is to be permitted.

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Jun 29 2019

Everything About Planned Parenthood Is a Lie

Even the name of Planned Parenthood is a lie. Lila Rose of Live Action exposes a few more:

Deception would not be necessary if Planned Parenthood were good.

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Jun 12 2019

Kirsten Gillibrand Proclaims Zero Tolerance for Prolife Views

Establishing “racism” as so beyond the pale that anyone accused of being a racist can be unpersoned was quite a coup for the radical Left. But the Democrat Party did not rest on its laurels. Now valuing the sanctity of innocent human life is inexcusable too, according to ostentatiously evil presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand:

Declaring a viewpoint ideologically unclean and crushing it under a zero tolerance policy is much easier than debating the issue.

Again we see that abortion isn’t just a convenience for liberals. It is some kind of satanic sacrament, possibly more precious to them even than homosexuality.

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