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Aug 08 2022

Moonbats Denounce Hetrification

It started with demands for tolerance. Then came forced mainstreaming. Now the demand is for intolerance. Two college professors writing in the Boston Globe denounce “hetrification,” which occurs when heterosexuals dare show their faces in homosexual “spaces,” as when bachelorette parties take place at gay bars.

We call this process “hetrification.” Like gentrification, hetrification occurs when people feel privileged to take over the spaces of others.

The entire town of Provincetown, Massachusetts is a “gay space” — a contemporary version of Sodom, where no child should ever set foot.

All correctly thinking liberals already hate “gentrification,” which occurs when white people raise property values in slums by starting businesses and creating jobs. Hetrification is even worse:

Many gay and lesbian spaces were the result of white gentrification of neighborhoods that were primarily Black and Latinx. But hetrification, unlike gentrification, is an appropriation not just of space, but of culture.

In the classroom version, this would be the part where they scrawl on the blackboard “hetrification = gentrification + cultural appropriation + heteronormativity” so that students going into decades of debt to help taxpayers finance such pearls of wisdom can scribble notes.

Hetrification weaponizes heteronormativity and breaks down queer spaces. Even though hetrifiers only temporarily invade queer spaces, the incessant visitation of heteronormative misconduct slowly diminishes the integrity of the space.

The last thing a liberal would want is to diminish the integrity of queer spaces.

Hetrifiers who take part in bachelorette parties receive harsh rebuke for the thoughtcrime of not believing that homosexuals are oppressed:

This level of ignorance about the actual state of affairs for LGBTQ+ populations in the United States was reminiscent of white Americans insisting racism was over once we had elected a Black man as president.

As the Obama presidency proved, blacks will always be oppressed, no matter how much favoritism is heaped upon them, so long as their phony oppression can be leveraged to achieve power. The same goes for our allegedly oppressed LGBT overlords.

To come into queer spaces and actually believe that we live in a post-homophobic world is a kind of hostile occupation. … [Q]ueers are faced with tolerating the heterosexual gaze or not showing up at all. … Hetrification will destroy queer spaces and maybe even queer culture itself.

At least they end on a note of hope.

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