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Mar 19 2023

Moonbats Realize That Eating Insects Oppresses Them

Our globalist overlords bark that we must eat bugs to stop the climate from fluctuating. However, it has been discovered that eating insects oppresses them.

Leftists need to destroy agriculture in the name of the global warming hoax before imposing a ban on eating bugs. For now, only moonbats would eat them anyway. But Wired has laid the groundwork:

“We’re at the starting point of a conversation about insect welfare,” says Jonathan Birch, a philosopher at the London School of Economics. One of the key questions here is whether insects are sentient and have the capacity to feel pain and suffer.

If only liberals would start to care whether the children they rip to pieces in the womb feel pain and suffer.

Right now there are no widely recognized welfare guidelines for farmed insects, and few laws that specifically require insect farmers to meet certain welfare standards.

Such laws may appear first in California, which has imposed repressive restrictions on the production of pork and chicken in the name of animal welfare, driving up the price of food and no doubt putting farmers out of business.

“If there are welfare concerns, you’ve got to intervene at the planning stages, when those facilities are being designed and constructed,” says Bob Fischer, a professor at Texas State University who works on insect welfare. There are many factors that farm designers need to take into account, including temperature, moisture levels, lighting, how crowded the insects are, and what they eat.

The taxpayer money gushing into state universities buys time for moonbats to muse on how to make insects more comfortable.

An even bigger quandary is how insects should be slaughtered. In the EU, most animals must be stunned unconscious before they’re killed, but no such regulations exist for insects.

Good thing there is no shortage of bureauweenies to draft regulations on behalf of bugs.

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