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Dec 12 2019

Soft Tyranny: Berkeley’s Right to Rescue

In past generations, tyranny was cold and hard. Now it is warm and soft. You don’t hate puppies, do you? Then you will have no objection to the “Right to Rescue” resolution [PDF] that has now been passed by the Berkeley City Council.

Protect the Harvest tried to warn us:

The title “Support for Non-Violent Activists and Protections of Animals in Commercial Operations” from the “Peace and Justice Commission” is a resolution to allow non-violent activists to go on PRIVATE property and “Rescue” any animal these activists feel is in danger. At the heart of it is the Animal Rights Extremist group, Direct Action Everywhere or DxE. Read more about DxE on our website. HERE

In essence, Berkeley has authorized DxE and other maniacs to break into businesses and homes to rescue animals they deem to be threatened.

This precendent…

…affects any industry that uses animals, including agriculture, veterinary, equestrian, laboratory research, even homeowners are subject to being labeled as being cruel to animals. These groups who have no understanding of animal welfare, biosecurity, proper husbandry would now be free to tell professionals how to do their job.

Property rights — the foundation of all rights — are once again discarded in the name of moonbattery. If some kook thinks your dog should be on a vegan diet, he may feel authorized to break into your house and take it.

The next step will be to grant Antifa authority to make citizen’s arrests of suspected “fascists.”

This is the quintessence of modern leftism: wrapping raw tyranny in shiny paper that looks pretty to idiots.

Who cares what happens in the open air mental institution that is Berkeley? We all should. As goes California, so goes the nation. As goes Berkeley, so goes California.

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Nov 22 2019

Animal Rights Activist Stabs Woman Over Fake Fur

One scary thing about leftist rhetoric is that there are people out there crazy enough to take it at face value and even act on it. Most of us understand that whatever silly nihilistic crap progressives spew about fur being evil and people being no better than animals, trying to kill someone because you think she is wearing fur is not appropriate. Most of us, but not all of us:

An animal rights activist is accused of stabbing a woman inside a church because she was wearing boots with fur — which was fake, Ohio police say.

It happened in Cleveland Heights on Wednesday night. The maniac, 35-year-old Meredith Lowell, allegedly followed a woman into the Fairmount Presbyterian Church as she dropped off children for choir practice.

The woman was standing in the main hall of the church when Lowell stabbed her three times with a kitchen knife. The victim was in stable condition at last word.

According to Police Chief Annette Mecklenburg, Lowell had been arrested previously “for other incidents involving attacks on women wearing fur clothing.”

One incident involved trying to hire a hit man to kill any random person 12 years old or older wearing fur. A year later, Lowell was ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial and released, with predictable results.

It is crazy to let crazy people with violent tendencies run around loose, politically advantageous as it may be for Democrats when some of them inevitably get ahold of guns.

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Oct 03 2019

TripAdvisor Forbids Captive Cetaceans

All that is not woke will be canceled by liberal establishmentarians. They don’t have to control the government; private companies will behave as if they were under the direct rule of the most fanatical moonbats imaginable. For example, travel giant TripAdvisor announced this yesterday:

TripAdvisor, the travel platform trusted by millions of consumers worldwide, will no longer sell tickets to, or generate revenue from, any attraction that continues to contribute to the captivity of future generations of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises)…

As a result, any commercial facility that either breeds or imports cetaceans for public display will be banned from sale on TripAdvisor and Viator.

This bullying of attractions like SeaWorld is enabled by an alarmingly prevalent mentality that prizes left-wing posturing above profits. The phenomenon has subjected us to nauseating displays of “virtue signaling” (i.e., obeisance to leftist ideology) by corporations as dominant a Procter & Gamble and Nike.

It is not enough to be woke; you must be more woke than others. Progressives must always progress by pushing the envelope. Dictating that cetaceans shall not be bred or held in captivity is only…

…the latest extension of TripAdvisor’s industry-leading animal welfare policy, which first launched in 2016. The policy already commits TripAdvisor and its subsidiary brand Viator to no longer sell tickets to experiences where travelers come into physical contact with captive wild animals, such as elephant ride and tiger petting experiences. It was further enhanced in 2018, at which point TripAdvisor also banned demeaning animal shows and performances from sale.

What “demeaning” might mean in the context of animal rights, only a moonbat could answer. Presumably, teaching a dog to beg for treats would be demeaning.

Future extensions of the policy may ban tickets to events that feature any animal in captivity. Zoos, rodeos, horseback riding, et cetera demean animals and therefore must be eradicated by the corporate cancel culture.

As we slide ever further down the slippery slope toward absolute lunacy, and animal-exploiting villains become ever harder to identify, events will be banned if anyone associated with them stands accused of owning a fishbowl. Already San Francisco has considered banning goldfish.

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Sep 29 2019

Orangutan Granted Human Rights

Absolute moonbattery can only be achieved on an incremental basis. That’s why its proponents call themselves “progressives.” To see how far they have progressed already, consider that an orangutan now qualifies for human rights.

Via the BBC:

An orangutan which spent 20 years in an Argentine zoo is being moved to a US animal sanctuary after being granted the same legal rights as humans.

Lawyers won a landmark appeal for Sandra in 2014, arguing she was being detained in Buenos Aires illegally. …

Sandra was born in an East German zoo and sold to Buenos Aires in 1995.

Too bad humans born in East Germany probably don’t qualify for as many human rights as an orangutan. Near the top of the list of human rights is free speech. Sandra can express herself by crapping in her hand and flinging it at whomever she pleases. Germans who complain about demographic displacement can get prison time.

I wonder if authorities will honor Sandra’s right to bear arms…

But I’m forgetting, human rights aren’t human rights anymore. Now they are special privileges, granted by government, like the right not to be offended if you belong to a favored identity group.

Her legal victory brought international fame to the orangutan, and set a precedent for apes to be legally deemed people rather than property.

Apes are people too. Before long, California will have a quota dictating how many must serve on each corporate board.

Soon after that, they will get begin granting human rights to plants, which are also people too.

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Sep 24 2019

Fish Feel Pain!

Uh oh. The Experts have discovered that fish feel pain.

The Daily Mail breaks the big news:

The review of fish behaviour, from the University of Liverpool, presents evidence that goldfish given an electric shock in one part of their tank will stop feeding there for three days, starving themselves.

A type of fish called a perch, when its mouth is damaged by a fishing hook, will not feed as frequently, suggesting it hurts to do so.

Fish have also been seen hyperventilating, waving injured tails and rubbing parts of their bodies when they are injured.

Most people could figure out for themselves that fish feel pain, or at the very least prefer not to be injured. Treating this as a discovery has political implications.

PETA was predictably quick to capitalize:

Elisa Allen, director of animal charity PETA, said: ‘Anyone who has seen fish gasping for air while trapped in a trawler’s net, impaled at the end of a line, or floundering on the deck of a boat is sure to recognise that these animals experience fear, pain, and distress – just like humans do.

‘Fish are intelligent, have unique personalities, and value their own lives, and the more we learn about these fascinating animals, the harder it is for humans to justify sticking a fork in them.’

Fishing for sport is harder still to justify to moonbats. It will be illegal in utopia, just like eating meat.

Fish are people too. But then, so are plants.

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Sep 06 2019

Almas Veganas Combines Animal Rights With #MeToo Mania

Intersectional moonbattery has produced the merger of animal rights lunacy with #MeToo mania. The moonbats of Almas Veganas (Vegan Souls) of Girona, Spain identify as antispeciesist and transfeminist. They have achieved their 15 seconds of fame with a video that shows them smashing chicken eggs because the unformed chicks within were conceived without the consent of the hen.

According to the Daily Mail, the vegans separate male from female chickens because they “don’t want the hens to be raped.”

As antispeciesists, they believe that all species should be treated the same. Therefore, any hanky-panky between chickens must be preceded by explicit consent, as with people.

They have figured out that their measures will prevent the chickens from reproducing, but this is a good thing, because the hens “are genetically modified to make them lay more eggs.” Better there should be no chickens than there be genetically modified chickens who are oppressed by the chicken patriarchy.

A stern reminder from Almas Veganas:

“Either you are vegan or you help to finance animal slavery. Eating animals is fascist.”

When in doubt as to whether something is fascist, just ask yourself if the farthest left lunatic imaginable would embrace it enthusiastically. If the answer is no, then it is or will soon become fascist.

Almas Veganas smashes the chicken patriarchy.

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Aug 25 2019

Vegans Choose Dog’s Life Over Human’s

According to bleakly nihilistic moonbat ideology, a human life is worth no more than an animal’s — and possibly less. Will Witt attended a recent Vegan March in downtown Los Angeles to confirm that most of the vegans in attendance would rather save their dog than a stranger:

There is a bright line between well-meaning but wrong and morally depraved. Most “animal rights” advocates cross it. Some seem to love animals less than they hate humans.

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Aug 16 2019

Milking Cows Equated With Sexual Abuse

The lunacy is never sated; the more it feeds on itself, the more ravenous it becomes. Now academia tells us that acquiring food by milking cows is literally the equivalent of sexual abuse:

Titled “Readying the Rape Rack: Feminism and the Exploitation of Non-Human Reproductive Systems,” the paper was published Friday in a journal called Dissenting Voices, which is published and edited by the Women’s and Gender Studies program at the College at Brockport State University of New York.

The published piece aims at discussing the “sexual exploitation of non-human bodies, specifically dairy cows.”

It will not be legal to sexually exploit cows by milking them when utopia has been achieved.

According to the publication, “the dairy industry is a host for sex-based discrimination,” and a “site where sexual assault and objectification based on biological makeup are highly prevalent but ignored as we choose to neglect non- humans with whom we share a planet.”

According to leftists, there is no meaningful difference between a cow and a human being. When PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk proclaimed that “A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy,” she could have added, “is a cow.”

If it ever occurs to academics and animal rights militants that cows would hardly exist if we did not raise them for food, they will probably call for the welfare state to be expanded to finance cow preserves.

The paper argues that “in order to fully fight gendered oppression,” society must also address the plight of dairy cows, which it asserts are “still subjects to sex-based discrimination and violence,” despite their voices being “not always lifted or comprehensible.”

It isn’t easy to comprehend the voices of cows. Those guilty of clinging to an anthropocentric orientation may even believe that “Moo” doesn’t really mean anything in particular.

[A]uthor Mackenzie April, an intern for Brockport’s Women’s Studies Department, … hopes the publication will inspire feminists and other “social justice”-minded individuals to “incorporate non-human bodies into their own feminist perspectives.”

The #MooToo movement is born.

To a potentially disastrous extent, feminists have prevented us from reproducing. Now let’s see if they can prevent us from eating.

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Aug 07 2019

Sin Tax on Meat in Germany

If it is good, moonbats won’t like it. If moonbats don’t like it, it will be banned — or at the very least taxed so that only the ruling class can afford it. For example, consider meat in Germany:

German politicians from the Social Democrats (SPD) and the Greens on Wednesday proposed raising the value added tax (VAT) on meat to the standard rate of 19%. Currently, meat is taxed at a reduced rate of 7% like most foodstuffs.

Politicians say they will spend the confiscated money on animal welfare. But it won’t promote the welfare of cows if people stop eating them. You don’t see many wild cows wandering through the forests of Germany.

It isn’t just a matter of animal rights. According to leftist dogma, meat offends the climate.

Green Party leader Robert Habeck said he didn’t support the measure because it didn’t go far enough. Instead, he backed a full overhaul of the VAT system to tackle environmental concerns.

This confirms the obvious regarding VATs: once they are established, progressives will always find a reason to raise them. We will see this for ourselves if Democrats take power and impose “Medicare for all” or “free” college. An ever-rising VAT will be required to stave off national bankruptcy.

Scientists … have called for bold measures to decrease meat consumption as part of a holistic approach to combating climate change.

Scientists know that grant money comes from Big Government. Anthropogenic Global Warming is the official religion of Big Government. However, evidence that raising taxes will improve the weather still has not materialized.

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Aug 05 2019

Moonbat Sides With Mosquitos

The worst enemy of the human race is not sharks or wolves or polar bears, but mosquitos. By serving as vectors for deadly diseases, the frail blood-sucking insects kill far more people than any other species (over 700,000 per year). It should come as no surprise that an animal rights moonbat takes the mosquitos’ side.

France’s Aymeric Caron was asked what an antispeciesist (i.e., someone who rejects speciesism) should do if attacked by mosquitos. The answer sums up the mentality of animal rights maniacs:

Caron explained that mosquitoes who bite people are simply hunting “for protein to feed their developing eggs, and therefore their babies.” The activist said the realization is “embarrassing for an anti-specist” because they are actually being bitten by a mother-to-be who has no choice but to risk her life for her future children.

You must not swat skeeters. Caron says that “There is good reason to have a bad conscience if you kill a mosquito” and equates letting them drink your blood with giving a blood donation. Who is to say a human being is worth more than a mosquito?

However, Caron does find it morally permissible to ward off mosquitos by smearing yourself with garlic. I might give that a try, in case it also wards off moonbats.

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Jun 14 2019

PETA Explains How to Trap Rats

PETA does more than entertain us with tasteless public spectacles. For example, on a page entitled “Living in Harmony With Rats,” it offers helpful advice on how to trap rats that have infested your home or business:

Be sure to check the traps hourly! The little animals will be hungry, thirsty, and frightened, and they may die if left in the traps too long. Traps should be disabled when not in use and during cold weather. Release rats within 100 yards of where they were caught.

Rats spread bubonic plague, so this advice will be especially useful for Los Angeleans.

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May 07 2019

Animal Rights Militants Attack Butcher

Do moonbats become animal rights militants out of kindness to animals? Or out of hatred of humanity? Sometimes it is hard to tell:

Two people were facing assault charges Monday after dousing a butcher and his stand with red liquid at a market in Paris over the weekend, prosecutors said.

The fortunately nonviolent attack came from a mob of 15 to 20 maniacs brandishing animal rights slogans.

A series of French butcher shops have been vandalised in recent months by “anti-speciesism” activists, who say eating meat is an immoral violation of the rights of other species.

Actually, species other than humans have no rights, because the concept of nonhuman rights is absurd. Rights entail responsibilities that animals cannot comprehend.

In contrast, people have a right to be secure in their persons and property. They have a right to be safe from sociopaths, including those who justify their malice with sanctimonious moonbattery.

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Feb 15 2019

Militant Vegans Whisper Warm Words to Doomed Cows

As a rule, militant vegans have no religion other than moonbattery. But some come across as remarkably spiritual while engaging in absurdist propaganda that the food industry has been browbeaten into facilitating at its own expense.

Leicestershire Animal Save are hosting roadside monthly vigils once a month in Melton Mowbray [England] in which they whisper phrases to cattle before they arrive at an abattoir run by Foyle Food Group. …

Group founder Dina Aherne said the group has an understanding with the slaughterhouse bosses, who let them stop the trucks and trailers which transport the cows.

Aherne says the cows are “sacred beings” that have “a living soul and conscience.” That could mean that cows feel guilt over oppressing grass by eating it and smothering it under cow pies.

Aherne explains the procedure:

“When we arrive usually at about 8am, we gather outside the slaughterhouse on days when the abattoir is operational for about three hours.

“We then stop each of the trucks and are given two minutes to say the last goodbye’s…

“We whisper phrases to them like ‘we’re sorry’, ‘we see you’ and ‘I love you’.”

To which the cows reply “moo” before dropping cow pies on the moonbats’ Birkenstocks.

Indulging these lunatics will not end well for food providers. Progressives always escalate their demands.

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Feb 11 2019

The Shepherd’s Crook as Thoughtcrime

Better keep your kids away from Toy Story 4. PETA has revealed that the movie is “problematic,” based on a shepherd’s crook appearing in a trailer:

More moonbattery:

PETA further addressed the issue in a statement on its webpage, which called for the crook to be removed. “PETA is calling on director Josh Cooley to complete the character’s transformation by retiring her crook — a tool historically used to hook lambs by the legs and neck in the wool industry,” the statement reads.

Crooks are “a symbol of domination” over sheep because they “force these gentle animals to move.” Shepherd’s crooks are thoughtcrime. Henceforth, all depictions of crooks are forbidden and will be consigned to the Memory Hole. Fortuitously, his includes many depictions of Jesus.

If you let your children be seen at a movie that includes a shepherd’s crook, it could rob them of a career later in life. Isis Davis-Marks might snap a picture and go public with it a generation down the road.

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