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Apr 10 2024

Indigenous Leaders Bestow Rights on Whales

Once equity has been imposed between all identity groups, progressives will progress to the next illogical step — imposing it between all species. Everyone except Captain Ahab loves whales, making them a good place to start:

The indigenous leaders of New Zealand, Tahiti, Tonga and the Cook Islands have signed a treaty granting whales legal personhood.

Failure to submit to the decrees of indigenous leaders would be white supremacist.

“What we’re trying to achieve here is to provide whales with certain rights,” [Māori conservationist Mere] Takoko told Morning Edition. “Those rights include the right to freedom of movement, natural behavior, development, cultural expression – which includes language – to a healthy environment, healthy oceans, and indeed the restoration of their populations.”

Only Big Government can forcibly uphold animals’ fundamental right to cultural expression.

Let’s hope the right of sea creatures to healthy oceans means no more of the hideous, economically insane wind turbines that are lethal to whales.

[Mere Takoko] says the treaty lays the groundwork for legislation to be written to protect the whales, or, as the Māori call them, tohorā — the sacred ancestors of indigenous Polynesians.

No doubt it would come as news to Charles Darwin that Polynesians are descended from whales. But then, Darwin was blinkered by what a UCLA medical school lecturer might call “white science.”

The source article having been excreted by government-affiliated NPR, it goes on to preach that whales “are especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change.” Connect the dots and you can see how whales have a right for Joe Biden to force you to drive an electric car.

Considering that climate change is named as the #1 threat to whales, this assertion is especially poignant:

[CEO and Cofounder of Blue Green Future Ralph] Chami points out that whales capture and store carbon in their bodies throughout their lifetimes. When they die, they sink to the bottom of seafloor and the carbon in their bodies is prevented from returning to the atmosphere.

The very whales that are victimized by carbon emissions try to save the planet from them. Noble creatures!

NPR might want to rethink this take. Aren’t they saying that killing whales is a good thing? After all, the more of them die, the more carbon dioxide goes to the bottom of the sea, rather than helping plants to grow and allegedly making it be too warm outside.

Granting nature these kinds of rights is not a new idea. But Chami says it’s becoming a more common way to combat climate change.

The point of inventing absurd rights for animals is to take rights away from people. With moonbats, the issue is never the issue; the issue is always exerting control.

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Nov 11 2023

Princeton Bioethicist Peter Singer Promotes Bestiality

They normalized homosexuality and even transsexuality with no significant resistance. Pedophilia is virtually a done deal (see here, here, here, here, here, here, etc.). Already progressive social engineers have set their sights on the next hill they will take — sex with animals:

Peter Singer is a professor of bioethics at the University Center for Human Values and has written multiple books including “Why Vegan? Eating Ethically” and “Animal Liberation Now.” Singer tweeted a journal article titled “Zoophilia Is Morally Permissible,” which he called “thought-provoking” and said “challenges one of society’s strongest taboos.”

The taboos sustained by decent people for millennia are there to be “challenged” by creeps like Singer, who is a leading authority in the ethics of our ruling class.

“As one of our most deeply entrenched social taboos, zoophilia is widely considered to be wrong, and having sex with animals is illegal in many countries,” the article reads. “In this article, I would like to go against this de facto consensus and argue that zoophilia is morally permissible.”

Our moonbat overlords endorse raping animals — but not eating them in accordance with a normal human diet:

Singer is a vegetarian and previously argued in favor of not eating meat to combat climate change, according to The New York Times.

“The year of the first Earth Day, 1970, was the year I stopped eating meat. I didn’t do it to save the Earth, but because I realized that there is no ethical justification for treating animals like machines for converting feed into meat, milk and eggs,” he wrote in the Times.

What else would you expect of an Ivy League bioethicist?

For 2,000 years, ethicists drew primarily on the Bible. But the Good Book is not favored by the lunatics currently running the asylum. Passages like Leviticus 20:15 may soon get the Bible banned:

And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death…

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Sep 28 2023

California Town Grants Rights to Elephants

Human rights aren’t just for humans anymore. That would be speciesist. So a California town has granted them to elephants:

The Ojai City Council voted 4-1 on Tuesday to adopt the ordinance, which recognizes the freedoms of elephants and was developed with the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP). …

Calling the Ojai ordinance “historic,” the Nonhuman Rights Project said it expects other cities to follow suit and pass similar legislation.

California kookiness does have a tendency to metastasize.

Commuter traffic in the New York City area sometimes gets backed up for miles because Canadian geese have waddled into the road. Presumably you would get in big trouble for running one over. Imagine the traffic nightmare when elephants learn of their newly created entitlements.

But there is a bright side. Maybe human rights for elephants could be applied to Republicans. That might spare Donald Trump from the centuries in prison Democrats have in mind for him.

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Mar 19 2023

Moonbats Realize That Eating Insects Oppresses Them

Our globalist overlords bark that we must eat bugs to stop the climate from fluctuating. However, it has been discovered that eating insects oppresses them.

Leftists need to destroy agriculture in the name of the global warming hoax before imposing a ban on eating bugs. For now, only moonbats would eat them anyway. But Wired has laid the groundwork:

“We’re at the starting point of a conversation about insect welfare,” says Jonathan Birch, a philosopher at the London School of Economics. One of the key questions here is whether insects are sentient and have the capacity to feel pain and suffer.

If only liberals would start to care whether the children they rip to pieces in the womb feel pain and suffer.

Right now there are no widely recognized welfare guidelines for farmed insects, and few laws that specifically require insect farmers to meet certain welfare standards.

Such laws may appear first in California, which has imposed repressive restrictions on the production of pork and chicken in the name of animal welfare, driving up the price of food and no doubt putting farmers out of business.

“If there are welfare concerns, you’ve got to intervene at the planning stages, when those facilities are being designed and constructed,” says Bob Fischer, a professor at Texas State University who works on insect welfare. There are many factors that farm designers need to take into account, including temperature, moisture levels, lighting, how crowded the insects are, and what they eat.

The taxpayer money gushing into state universities buys time for moonbats to muse on how to make insects more comfortable.

An even bigger quandary is how insects should be slaughtered. In the EU, most animals must be stunned unconscious before they’re killed, but no such regulations exist for insects.

Good thing there is no shortage of bureauweenies to draft regulations on behalf of bugs.

On a tip from Steve T.

Nov 20 2022

Animal Rights Kooks Kill Minks

How righteous animal rights activists must feel when they “rescue” animals — by getting them senselessly killed:

Up to 40,000 mink were released on Monday night from a farm in northwest Ohio and around 10,000 remain on the loose.

Graffiti vandalism made it clear this was the handiwork of Animal Liberation Front.

Of the minks released many were shot and killed by disgruntled locals, others were hit by cars and some were recaptured by farm workers.

So many carcasses lined the roads besides the farm that a snow plow was brought in to clear away their bodies, Van Wert County Sheriff Thomas Riggenbach said.

Minks are pests. They prey greedily on chickens and even attack small pets. Minks released from farms lack the hunting skills to survive in the wild. Evidently their liberators have failed to indoctrinate them into vegan ideology.

Attacks on mink farms is a fad among moonbats:

In the last two weeks a group known as the Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility for releasing around 1,000 minks from another farm in Massillon, Ohio, and another 800 from a farm in northern Michigan.

Minks are raised for their valuable pelts. It does not occur to moonbats that there would be few minks if they were not farmed, much less that people have a right to their property.

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Oct 10 2022

California Kooks Come After Bacon Nationwide

The lunatic left authoritarianism that has come to define California does not stop at the state line. Militant flakes in the Land of Fruits and Nuts are coming after pork — nationwide:

California voters in 2018 approved a ballot initiative that established minimum confinement standards for farm animals sold as meat in the state. The law effectively requires that adult female pigs be housed in large group pens even though nearly all hog farmers keep them in individual pens, in part to prevent disease from spreading.

Moonbat activists don’t know much about pig farming. Yet they will tell pig farmers how to do their job. If it drives the farmers out of business, so much the better, because meat is hurtful to animals and offensive to the climate.

That’s the problem of those who haven’t figured out how to escape California, right? Wrong. Left Coast tyranny is the whole country’s problem.

About 99.9% of the nation’s pigs are born and raised outside California. The law is an attempt to regulate out-of-state farms, and it imposes costs on farmers that raise prices for consumers across the U.S. Slaughterhouses process hogs from different sources together, and there’s no practical way to separate pigs raised for consumers in California’s market.

Farms across the country are faced with an ultimatum: let leftist screwballs who hate you dictate how you run your business, or lose the nation’s most populous state as a market.

Fortunately, the last major institution not under leftist control may intervene.

Pork producers say California’s law violates the so-called dormant Commerce Clause, which is the constitutional doctrine that prohibits states from imposing excessive burdens on interstate commerce.

The Supreme Court will hear a challenge to California’s attack on pork tomorrow. The stakes are high:

If [California’s] regulations are allowed to stand, why couldn’t it also prohibit the sale of goods from companies that don’t comply with its CO2 emissions caps?

The mere size of its population could allow California to impose all manner of moonbattery on the rest of the country.

Meanwhile, other authoritarian kooks want to take away our bacon on an international basis in the form of the Plant Based Treaty:

The adoption of a Plant Based Treaty as a companion to the UNFCCC/Paris Agreement will put food systems at the heart of combating the climate crisis. The Treaty aims to halt the widespread degradation of critical ecosystems caused by animal agriculture, to promote a shift to more healthy, sustainable plant-based diets and to actively reverse damage done to planetary functions, ecosystem services and biodiversity.

Leftism is inherently totalitarian. It demands that everyone everywhere conform to it in everything. Consequently, no freedom — not even the freedom to eat a normal human diet — is safe so long as moonbattery festers anywhere.

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Oct 06 2022

Tackled Moonbat Alex Taylor Files Police Report

A moonbat named Alex Taylor ran onto the field during Monday night’s NFL game between the Rams and the 49ers with a device emitting pink smoke. This made him eligible to be tackled. Ram defenders Bobby Wagner and Takk McKinley brought him down so that security could bring him in. It was the most satisfying NFL play since the last time Colin Kaepernick was sacked.

Since we are living in Clown World, Taylor has filed a police report:

Taylor is an activist on behalf of the organization Direct Action Everywhere. A fellow member of the organization, Allison Fluty, tried to run onto the gridiron as well, but was tackled by security before reaching the playing field.

They sought to bring attention to a trial in which two animal rights activists are facing charges for stealing two pigs from a factory farm in Utah in 2017.

The organization called the hit on the activist a “blatant assault.”

If Taylor really wants the police involved, they ought to arrest him for trespassing, disorderly conduct, and being a sniveling jackass. Then a judge ought to sentence him to serve as a tackling dummy for the Rams for the rest of the season.

On a tip from Lyle.

Aug 29 2022

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: NYC Kebab-Eater

Animal rights kooks went wild in New York City on Saturday as part of PETA’s “World Day for the End of Speciesism”:

The animal rights activists were furious that people were eating ice cream.

Not even Joe Biden is enough of a moonbat for vegans.

Outside the Fendi store, protesters spilled fake blood and said the luxury fashion brand had “blood on its hands.” There were also screams of, “50 dead animals for one fur coat!”

No word on how many dead eagles for 1 kilowatt-hour of inefficient green energy.

The crowd demanded a “fur-free NYC” in front of the Louis Vuitton store.

To a moonbat, freedom is a world free of all the things they don’t like.

Outside a McDonald’s restaurant, demonstrators yelled, “It’s not McDonald’s, it’s mcmurder!”

McDonald’s would be wise to run with this in a new advertising campaign. It shares a consumer base with rap, which is well known for monetizing the glorification of violence.

Standing near the front door of the Nike store, animal activists claimed that the colossal shoe manufacturer kills 2 million kangaroos a year.

Then a countermoonbat calmly tossed a wrench into the wokeness:

One man infiltrated the protest and trolled the animal rights activists by eating shish kebab right in front of the demonstrators. Multiple animal activists lost their minds because the man had the audacity to eat meat. The scene became incredibly intense, but the vitriol didn’t stop the man from enjoying his shish kebab.

In a world succumbing to moonbattery, just eating a shish kebab is an act of rebellion on behalf of sanity. Kudos:

In an astonishing example of the projection and gaslighting we have come to associate with moonbats, PETA campaign specialist Ashley Byrne implied that it was the kebab-eater who was throwing a tantrum:

“[I]t’s not unusual for some people to throw a tantrum. It’s nothing activists haven’t seen.

“We are provoking people to think,” Byrne said, “and if that thought makes them uncomfortable good.”

The moonbats became so unhinged precisely because the kebab-eater wasn’t uncomfortable about eating a normal human diet in front of them.

On tips from Wiggins and Occam’s Stubble.

May 13 2022

Animals and Plants Lawyer Up

If it were up to 49 of 50 Democrat Senators, humans would have no rights whatsoever up to the moment of birth. Yet liberals demand human rights for animals, plants, and even things that are not alive.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the lawyers of an elephant named Happy have filed a writ of habeas corpus, proclaiming her incarceration without due process at the Bronx Zoo is unlawful. Happy is not alone among nonhumans in enjoying legal representation:

In Florida, two lakes, a marsh and two streams sued to stop a development project. In Minnesota, manoomin, a type of wild rice, has filed a lawsuit to block an oil pipeline. Happy’s lawyers, the nonprofit Nonhuman Rights Project, have represented whales, chimpanzees and dolphins who they argue have the complex cognitive abilities and autonomy to merit legal personhood.

As for the cognitive abilities and autonomy of marshes and rice, they are at least equivalent to Joe Biden’s.

The moonbattery is global:

Courts and governments in countries including New Zealand, Bangladesh, India and Colombia have debated the rights of rivers, mountains and landscapes. Ecuador’s constitution gives “pachamama,” which translates to “Mother Earth,” a legally enforceable right to exist and flourish.

Proclaims Happy’s lawyer Seven Wise:

“We are trying to change the world.”

That’s what moonbats have been doing, all right — and not in favor of humans. All of the rights they want to bestow on animals, vegetables, swamps, etc. come at the expense of people.

Idaho lawmakers this spring passed a bill that bans environmental elements, artificial intelligence, nonhuman animals and inanimate objects from gaining personhood. Rep. Tammy Nichols, a Republican, said she introduced the bill because her constituents were concerned that a natural rights movement threatened the state’s farm industry and resources like lumber and minerals.

“If a pig has co-equal rights to you or I, and a farmer wanted to butcher that pig, it would be similar to the farmer wanting to butcher you or I,” she said. “That pig would have rights, so you can’t just go kill it.”

The same could go for eating rice.

As the abortion and global warming issues make clear, moonbattery is at its heart an antihuman ideology. That is what makes it more profoundly evil than any other form of totalitarianism, no matter how self-righteously people might like elephants.

On a tip from Varla.

May 11 2022

James Cromwell Glues Himself to Starbucks Counter

Moonbat ideology is associated with young people. Normal development causes them to outgrow it. Tragically, some never do. The results can be less than dignified. Consider 82-year-old actor James Cromwell:

Cromwell glued his hand to the counter of a Starbucks in New York City on Tuesday in protest, saying the company charges more for plant-based milk alternatives.

Having imposed himself on the franchise along with other activists, he inflicted moonbattery on the customers.

He decried the practice of separating dairy cows from their calves and then taking the milk that would have gone to nourishing the newborns.

“Mother cows cry for their infants for days,” said Cromwell, who plays anti-capitalist Uncle Ewan Roy on the critically acclaimed “Succession.”

Cromwell doesn’t have the smarts to grasp that if we didn’t breed them for meat, milk, and leather, there wouldn’t be any cows. Brains are optional in Tinseltown.

Croaks Cromwell:

“These mothers must endure the loss a child over and over again. They suffer no less than human mothers would.”

This may be true if you compare cows to his fellow Hollyweirdos, who make a sacrament of killing their own offspring.

Cromwell is possibly best known for starring in Babe back in 1995. The kid-friendly comedy features farm animals with human attributes. Like many actors, he may fail to realize that real life is different from the movies.

No one was arrested for this disturbance of the peace:

What a shame that Starbucks’ woke corporate posture does not protect it from moonbat bullying.

On a tip from Steve T and Varla.

Dec 17 2021

Massachusetts Virtually Bans Eggs

There is nothing moonbats won’t take away from you in the name of their twisted, antihuman ideology. Not even the basic staples of human existence — like eggs.

The Blaze reports:

In 2016, Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly passed an animal treatment measure that, in part, made it illegal to sell eggs born of hens with less than 1.5 square feet of floor space in their enclosure. Now that decision, scheduled to take effect in 2022, is coming home to roost — and it’s threatening to wipe out the supply of eggs in the state.

The legislation is expected to decrease the Bay State’s egg supply by about 90% when it takes effect on the first of the year. The situation could get worse still as egg producers are driven into bankruptcy or out of the state.

However, eggs will still be available to our moonbat rulers no matter how extravagant the price, because they know how to monetize power. That’s why they don’t mind the inflation their policies cause.

The new standards, which apply to all egg products, cover eggs imported from other states, as well.

Similar moonbattery will soon make bacon all but unattainable in California.

Once liberalism has achieved critical mass in a given region, no extreme of tyranny is too insane to find public support.

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Dec 02 2021

Apes Canceled From Greeting Cards

Until it encounters sufficient resistance, moonbattery never stops escalating to ever more insane extremes of self-parody. Banishing Indians from butter packaging lest someone find a pretext to be offended wasn’t nutty enough. Now they are canceling apes from greeting cards.

Washington Examiner reports:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals announced on Monday that CVS would no longer sell greeting cards featuring “great apes” dressed up in an assortment of outfits.

Everyone expects PETA to be outrageously wacky. The problem is that when woke bullies push, corporate invertebrates move. Rite Aid has also knuckled under.

PETA’s argument is absurd, unsurprisingly:

PETA argued portraying great apes such as chimpanzees and gorillas in cute outfits or interacting with humans “hinder conservation efforts” and mislead people into thinking chimpanzees are thriving rather than facing extinction. These portrayals could convince others to buy great apes as pets through the black market, the organization argued.

The actual motive is the same as for left-wing activism in general. Bullies get a kick out of pushing people around.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Oct 28 2021

Not Even MLB Is Woke Enough to Suit PETA

When I swore off baseball forever after seeing the players kneel to leftist rioters, it seemed MLB could not possibly become more woke. But progressives always progress to new depths of derangement. Not even pro baseball is politically correct enough to suit PETA. Now we learn that the term “bullpen” is offensive to cows and has “speciesist roots.”

This on the level:

In a statement issued Thursday by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the animal rights organization made it clear they find the term “bullpen” to be mocking towards the “misery of sensitive animals.”

PETA demands that the bullpen henceforth be referred to as the “arm barn.”

Wait until PETA learns what the outside of a baseball is made out of. If they could figure out a race angle, they could bully MLB into using Whiffle Balls.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Oct 27 2021

Hippopotamuses Are People Too

Flawed ideologies can be debunked by extending their precepts to their logical conclusions. This is called “reductio ad absurdum.” For example, liberalism is exposed as a joke by applying human rights to hippopotamuses:

The offspring of hippos once owned by Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar can be recognized as people or “interested persons” with legal rights in the U.S. following a federal court order.

The ruling does not apply in Colombia, where the invasive hippos are breeding wildly and causing havoc, so that authorities want to kill or sterilize them. But it could have legal consequences closer to home.

In the suit, attorneys for the Animal Legal Defense Fund asked the U.S. District Court in Cincinnati to give “interested persons” status to the hippos…

Federal magistrate Judge Karen Litkovitz in Cincinnati granted the request on Oct. 15. The animal rights group based near San Francisco said it believes it’s the first time animals have been declared legal persons in the U.S.

This is heading in an alarming direction for moonbat demigod Tony Fauci, who is said to bear responsibility for funding sadistic experiments on dogs and monkeys.

If applied consistently, left-wing ideology would cave in on itself, leaving nothing but a black hole of absurdity. So moonbats avoid consistency. Whereas hippopotamuses qualify as people, prenatal humans do not. Leftists are not consistent even in their absence of compassion regarding abortion. Municipal employees of hyperliberal Portland qualify for bereavement leave if they feel blue after killing their babies.

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