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Oct 04 2023

Moonbattery Applied to Zoology and Medicine

A totalitarian ideology like moonbattery is applied to everything, even fields that would seem completely unrelated to politics, like zoology and medicine.

The new purpose of studying the animal kingdom is to cherry-pick observations that can be used to support the narrative that sexual perversion is natural. Raquel García-Álvarez is a guide at the Sand Ridge Nature Center in suburban Chicago:

“Wildlife does not live within the context of us assigning them, ‘Oh, you’re gay, you’re straight.’ They show homosocial behavior because they use it to bond. It also just brings them joy,” said García-Álvarez, the policy and sustainability manager at the Forest Preserves of Cook County.

On a sunny September afternoon, about 20 community members embarked on the “Queerness of Nature Walk” at the South Holland nature preserve. Naturalists used plants and animals like geese to teach queer ecology…

Queerness (a.k.a. depravity) is the TOE of the liberal establishment.

Lanie Rambo, a Forest Preserve naturalist, … said there’s evidence that 1,500 animal species, from insects to mammals, engage in same-sex behavior.

If it’s good enough for animals, it’s good enough for us. You’re not an anthropocentrist are you?

These relations weren’t historically recognized largely due to homophobia, she said.

With homophobia vanquished, social engineers are free to subordinate the natural world to their unnatural ideology by asserting false equivalencies between human and animal behavior.

When applied to medicine, moonbattery crosses from absurd to nightmarish:

A society that would allow monsters like this to practice surgery is doomed. But no doubt there is a monkey somewhere with a hermaphroditic birth defect that can be exploited to prove that multiple-genital hybrids are natural.

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