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Jan 06 2021

Moonbattery Metastasizes: Exodus From Democrat-Run States

The cancer is metastasizing. How else to explain people voting for the identical twins of Jeremiah Wright and the Pajama Boy in formerly sane Georgia?

The disease spreads by a simple process. Any jurisdiction run by liberals soon becomes unlivable. So the people who elected them leave for a place not run by liberals. There they elect more liberals, turning their new home into another hellhole. Then it’s time for them to move on.

The authoritarian excesses that characterize the Democrat response to the ChiCom virus have accelerated the trend, as liberals escape the nests they have soiled for places where leftist tyrants don’t prevent schools and businesses from opening with senseless lockdowns. United Van Lines lists their top inbound states for 2020:

1. Idaho

2. South Carolina

3. Oregon

4. South Dakota

5. Arizona

6. North Carolina

7. Tennessee

8. Alabama

9. Florida

10. Arkansas

Somehow, Oregon managed to slip in among all those red states. That won’t last long, considering what moonbattery has already done to Portland.

Their top outbound states are mainly blue:

1. New Jersey

2. New York

3. Illinois

4. Connecticut

5. California

6. Kansas

7. North Dakota

8. Massachusetts

9. Ohio

10. Maryland

Once greedy Democrats have driven away their tax base, their states will collapse into the tailspin cycle of high taxes leading to crushed businesses leading to high unemployment leading to government dependence leading to more Democrats getting elected leading to even higher taxes.

It’s not like New York will recover its economic vitality after the tax base has fled. It will follow the pattern of 74% Democrat Detroit, which was once the wealthiest city in the country.

Now that radicalized Democrats are securing control of the federal government, wealth creators will have to move overseas.

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