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May 13 2022

Morbid Milestones and the Need Not to Grow Numb

Yesterday, the figurehead of our liberal ruling class conveyed an order for flags to be flown at half mast to honor the milestone of 1 million American deaths attributed to Covid, many of which really were caused by the ChiCom virus. As Biden’s handlers had him recite,

“As a nation, we must not grow numb to such sorrow.”

More than 60 million Americans have died by abortion since the legal travesty Roe v. Wade was imposed. How low do we fly the flag in acknowledgment of that?

Democrats are enraged that they were just stopped by a single senator from imposing abortion straight through to the point of birth on all 50 states. It would have been the most liberal abortion law in the world, surpassing the genocidal communist dictatorship in China.

Hollyweirdo Alec Baldwin, himself a killer, is so angry at the bill’s failure that he demands Joe Manchin be removed from office on the grounds that he is a “traitorous Democrat.” Liberal luminary Whoopi Goldberg concurs:

Manchin recently broke ranks with Democrats to vote against his party’s abortion bill that would have legalized late-term abortion up to the moment of birth. The senator said the bill, which was defeated 51-49, went too far and that he remains pro-life.

ABC’s The View went after Sen. Manchin on Thursday. “Everybody just needs to go vote these fools out of there,” Whoopi Goldberg said, saying the senator “doesn’t give a hoot” about women.

Thanks to Chuck Schumer, we now have them on the record. Every Democrat senator but one would execute innocent, viable children at the point of birth.

If the bill had passed, we could have pumped the death count up to a round 100 million in no time. Eventually, we will reach that milestone even without Roe v. Wade and the sick “Women’s Health Protection Act.” When we do, don’t expect Democrats to lower any flags.

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