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Nov 23 2020

MSM Takes ChiCom Money

How trustworthy is the liberal establishment media, you ask? This should answer your question:

China Daily paid The Wall Street Journal more than $85,000 and the Los Angeles Times $340,000 for advertising campaigns between May and October 2020, according to a disclosure that the propaganda mill filed this week with the Justice Department under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

China daily is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party’s version of the Ministry of Truth.

The Iranians Obama so loved to suck up to may hate us more frenetically, but America has no worse enemy than the Biden clan’s ChiCom paymasters. They are the only ones in a position to supplant the USA as global hegemon — and they mean to do it.

Taking money from China Daily is the equivalent of taking it from the KGB during the Cold War.

Don’t be surprised to the see the WSJ receiving this tainted cash. Its opinion page is fine; the rest of the paper is standard liberal establishment.

Publications on the payroll also include Foreign Policy magazine, Britain’s Financial Times, and Canada’s Globe & Mail. In addition,

The Beijing-based outlet paid several newspaper companies a total of $1,154,666 for printing costs, including $110,000 to the Los Angeles Times, $92,000 to The Houston Chronicle and $76,000 to The Boston Globe.

This is a small price to pay to help solidify strategic friendships.

China Daily pays American publications like the Washington Post and WSJ to run advertorials that can be hard to distinguish from news articles.

China Daily paid The Washington Post more than $4.6 million from late 2016 through October 2019, according to a FARA disclosure China Daily filed in June.

The Journal received $6 million for advertorials from 2016 through April 2020, according to the disclosure.

To its credit, the New York Times has scrubbed ChiCom advertorials from its website, concerned for once about losing what remains of its credibility.

On a tip from Bluto.


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