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Jan 26 2024

Muslim Terror Attack on Edmonton City Hall Ignored

Considering the resurgence of belligerent Islam, Biden’s refusal to stop financing much less to oppose it, and the wide open southern border, it is surprising that we don’t hear more often about Islamic terror attacks. Then again, given that the media establishment has reduced itself to the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party, maybe it isn’t so surprising. Refer to the moribund canary in the coalmine of moonbattery, Canada:

This was an all-out Gaza-inspired, jihadist terror attack with gunfire and home-made bombs at Edmonton’s City Hall on Tuesday and not a word out of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about it so far. …

Security video shows a man entering Edmonton’s City Hall wearing a Commissionaires Security jacket and carrying a long gun and appearing to shoot it.

Suspect Bezhani Sarvar not only fired off the gun but lit several incendiary devices, according to police.

In addition to the horror of security video showing the armed man during his attack, a taped manifesto which included Arabic greetings was also discovered.

Chances are good you never heard a word about it. The event did not fit the liberal narrative. So we heard about women’s hockey instead.

The governmedia was able to ignore the Edmonton attack because as it turned out, no one was hurt. When Hamas supporters set off a dirty nuke in a major city, pretending it didn’t happen will be more difficult. So they will blame it on Islamophobia.

On a tip from Straight Shootr.


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