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May 25 2022

Nancy Pelosi Attacks Catholic Church

This should put an end to high priestess of moonbattery Nancy Pelosi’s pretense of being Catholic:

Pelosi lashed out against the Catholic Church after she was banned from Holy Communion by San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone over her “extreme” position on abortion, taking her case to MSNBC to lecture the world’s oldest religious institution.

As noted earlier, it is no overstatement to characterize Pelosi’s advocacy of abortion as extreme. To allow her to take communion while she obstinately persists in manifest grave sin would contribute to the campaign to destroy Christianity from within, subordinating it to leftism.

Pelosi took to the obsequiously supportive far-left platform Morning Joe to denounce Catholicism:

“So these same people are against contraception, family planning, in vitro fertilization,” she continued. “It’s… it’s a blanket thing and they use abortion as the front man for it while they try to undo so much, that’s what they tried to do in the Affordable Care Act, which didn’t have anything about terminating an abortion,” correcting herself, “a pregnancy.”

Pelosi added, “So let’s just say that, you know, I wonder about death penalty, which I am opposed to, so is the church, but they take no action against people who may not share their view.”

That is, she equated killing innocent children with executing murderers in accordance with the law. Nancy Pelosi is moral depravity incarnate. No wonder Democrats choose her to be Speaker of the House.

She then accused Archbishop Cordileone of being a homophobe, a cardinal sin in “woke” leftist dogma.

She denounced Cordileone for opposing the LGBT agenda, which all Christians do by definition, the Biblical position on sexual depravity being clear. While doing so, she sanctimoniously cited the gospel of Matthew. As William Shakespeare wrote, “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.” So can his myrmidons like Pelosi.

Speaking of servants of Satan, the media takes her side. The San Francisco Examiner demands that Cordileone be removed from his position for not kneeling before Big Government by allowing Pelosi to take communion in violation of his faith.

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