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May 31 2022

Nitrous Oxide During Childbirth Causes Global Warming

Bite the bullet, ladies. You may have to take some pain for the planet:

When a new report suggested that people who use nitrous oxide when giving birth should be warned about the impacts on climate change, I felt the mild tremor of a collective groan uttered in unison across the country. …

For those who don’t want to have an epidural or morphine, the report’s authors suggested transcutaneous electric nerve stimulators (Tens), hypnobirthing and massage as alternatives to nitrous. The idea that most parents can afford a Tens machine, hynobirthing classes or massage is laughable.

If women don’t mind being categorically erased in the name of transgender ideology to the point that even a Supreme Court nominee refuses to confirm that there is such a thing as a woman, they shouldn’t mind a little agony for the sake of symbolically showing obeisance to global warming ideology. Forsaking nitrous oxide so as not to harm the weather is no more ludicrous than other sacrifices people are expected to make in the name of the climate.

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