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Mar 18 2022

No Holds Barred in Public School CRT Brainwashing

Regardless of whether it is explicitly called “critical race theory,” students in public schools are subjected to indoctrination intended to instill the liberal viewpoint that blacks are sacred victims and it is morally wrong to be white. The brainwashing tactics employed are not subtle.

At Leon Springs Elementary in San Antonio, at the expense of learning the three R’s, students study segregation, a topic that is currently relevant only for propaganda purposes.

Fifth grade students were divided by hair color and given a puzzle. Fair-haired kids had a piece missing, so that they couldn’t complete it. They were made to clean up after dark-haired kids.

Worse, the children were subjected to a propaganda film by professional racist Spike Lee entitled 4 Little Girls, about the bombing of a church by the KKK generations ago, when things like that occasionally happened.

Four African-American girls around the same ages as the class – between the ages of 11 and 14 – died in the attack.

The film includes graphic autopsy photos of the girls’ bodies.

Students were reduced to tears. One girl was left so frightened that she was unable to sleep in her own room.

Nothing is beneath the woke, because their warped ideology replaces morality. Children are not safe in their custody. Yet they control not only the media but the schools.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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