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Apr 06 2023

Not a Nation of Dylan Mulvaneys

The corporate campaign to reduce America to a nation of Dylan Mulvaneys continues.

Anheuser-Busch making the jarringly repulsive female impersonator the face of Bud Light was not well received:

However, the point of advertising is not to sell products. It is to impose social engineering. Otherwise, corporations would not go out of their way to insult, disgust, and alienate their customers on behalf of ruling class ideology.

Leave it to hyperwoke Nike to push the moonbattery to a new level of absurdity:

Mulvaney unveiled [his] paid partnership with Nike on Wednesday in several posts to Instagram, where [he] wore some of the company’s activewear, including pants and a sports bra.

So eager are the libs running Nike to pander to transsexualism that they literally have a man modeling a brassiere.

Bud Light and Nike are not alone:

Mulvaney … has been especially criticized for his marketing deals with companies such as makeup brand Ulta Beauty and fashion house Kate Spade, both of which prompted accusations that he was insulting women and provoked ire among the companies’ consumer bases. …

His TikTok account has also shown him ordering a pizza from grocery delivery service Instacart to celebrate a “sleepover” and live the “moments of girlhood” he missed, using Crest toothpaste and discussing his expected dating life, and applying products from skin care brand CeraVe.

At least the revolting Dylan Mulvaney phenomenon has led to a little good news. Despite making conspicuous inroads, liberals have not yet succeeded in subverting country music to their cause:

Country music legend Travis Tritt announced Wednesday that he is dropping all Anheuser-Busch products from his tour.

Tritt says other country artists are doing the same, but won’t announce it publicly because they fear cancelation.

It only took one countermoonbat with guts — namely Ivan Provorov — to start the tide turning against the absorption of professional hockey into the LGBT activist community.

Maybe having Dylan Mulvaney rammed down our throats was the final straw. Maybe pushback is finally getting underway. It all depends on whether others have what it takes to follow the lead of Ivan Provorov and Travis Tritt.

After American culture has been restored, and we can turn on our TVs without feeling nauseated and ashamed, we must never let liberals live LGBTism down, lest they try to inflict something similar in the future.

On tips from Franco, JackisBack, StephaneDumas, and ABC of the ANC. Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.


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