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Dec 11 2022

Women Sacrificed to Transsexuals in Hockey

As noted below, women have been jilted by the leftists who pretend to protect them in favor of more politically fashionable transsexuals. Hockey offers another appalling example.

Not long ago, the NHL — which had been a rare refuge from in-your-face leftism in the sports world — went full moonbat:

Hockey is a rough game. Anyone who knows what a guy calling himself Fallon Fox did to Erika Newsome and Tamikka Brents after he was allowed to fight as a woman in mixed martial arts can guess what happened next.

Players in the all-trans tournament were divided among six teams.

Team Pink had all the biggest players made up of “trans women,” one of whom actually played college hockey as a male. …

Team Pink blasted through all the teams with smaller, natural-born female players and, at one point, was even heard discussing whether or not to stop scoring, so it wasn’t so obvious that they were just physically too big and strong for the other teams to beat.

But, even worse, one of those Team Pink players seriously injured a natural-born female player who claims to be “FTM” (female-to-male transgender) from an opposing team.

The girl suffered a concussion and muscle strains in her neck, shoulder, and back. That’s why men and women normally play on separate teams.

Despite all the pious politically correct posturing beforehand…

…the NHL and the media dropped the transsexual tournament straight down the memory hole. We know what happened thanks to Jonathan Kay at Quillette:

Aside from a tweet containing four photos of the November 19th–20th event, the NHL provided no substantive information about how the tournament unfolded. Nor did media outlets such as Hockey News, whose reporting consisted instead of cheery tournament summaries (“The arena was just buzzing with trans joy for two solid days”) sourced to the organizers’ social media accounts. Vice sent a five-person film crew to cover the tournament, including two cameramen, but so far hasn’t reported anything on what that unit filmed. So as far as I know, in fact, I’m the first person to publicly report the events described below.

As with hate hoaxes, follow-up is rare when the story doesn’t end in a way that supports the liberal narrative.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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