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Sep 25 2023

Nurses Repurposed

Once a sector of society has been subverted by leftists, all who work in it have a new primary task: to affirm leftism. This includes even the healthcare field:

The American Nurses Association (ANA) said that nurses, as trusted messengers in healthcare, have a responsibility to mitigate and help others adapt to the impacts of climate change in a position statement released on Thursday.

Nurses have enough on their plate dealing with problems that actually exist — yet the ANA quacks flaky duckspeak to justify turning them into Democrat propagandists:

“From the function of cells to the function of Earth’s natural systems, nurses know that humans are deeply interconnected and part of the entire ecosystem. … This holistic orientation positions nurses to grasp the impact of social, structural, and environmental determinants of health.”

The holistic orientation reveals that insufficient taxation and regulation constitute a healthcare crisis, because only a government more intrusive and all-powerful than heretofore imagined can prevent the climate from continuing to fluctuate the way it always has.

“As advocates for the health and safety of individuals and communities, nurses have vital roles to play in addressing this global issue and its consequences on human health and all life on Earth,” the organization added.

Here’s how nurses are expected to take charge of the supposedly problematic weather:

At the professional level, nurses can help communities to both mitigate future climate health harms and adapt to current conditions by educating patients, supporting decarbonization efforts, and supporting research and innovation efforts.

In case there is anyone out there who hasn’t caught on that the imaginary climate crisis has more to do with neo-Marxism than the weather,

In the policy statement, the ANA also stressed the importance of nurses advocating for policies that “advance just and equitable climate responses in public health and healthcare, and direct adequate resources to communities that are overburdened by climate-related conditions,” including individuals who are made more vulnerable due to their race, gender, income status, or disability.

Instead of attending to the sick, nurses are to focus on protecting those of preferred race and gender from the climate. As the inmates continue to consolidate control of the asylum, the Clown World they create will not be characterized by health.

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