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Jan 02 2022

NYC to Provide Junkies With Vending Machines

The degeneracy that characterizes liberal strongholds does not develop by accident. The progressives in charge go out of their way to nurture it. In New York City, health officials plan to set up vending machines to provide drug addicts with needles to inject poison and naloxone to keep them alive for a little longer when they inject too much. This is done at taxpayer expense, and justified with critical race theory rhetoric.

The New York Post reports:

“Public health vending machines (PHVM) are an emerging strategy to support low-barrier access to naloxone, sterile syringes, and other harm reduction and wellness supplies,” reads the RFP for the machines, which will cost taxpayers $730,000.

Only in the Orwellian Twilight Zone of liberal rule could helping junkies to destroy themselves be characterized as “harm reduction” and “wellness.”

More from the RFP:

“[The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene] is committed to improving health outcomes for all New Yorkers by explicitly advancing racial equity and social justice. Racial equity does not mean simply treating everyone equally, but rather, allocating resources and services in such a way that explicitly addresses barriers imposed by structural racism (i.e. policies and institutional practices that perpetuate racial inequity) and White privilege.”

Since not forcing taxpayers to enable the junkie lifestyle allows there to be white privilege, anyone who protests that encouraging drug addicts is insane can be accused of racism — i.e., of not hating whites, the ultimate faux pas among the liberal establishment.

Black Lives Matter has been outflanked on the left:

“I’d be for these vending machines if they promise to put them in Central Park, Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue — right where the wealthiest people stay,” said Hawk Newsome, the incendiary leader of Black Lives Matter in New York City. “Why should our children have to walk past people who are congregating around these machines and nowhere else.”

Even Black Lives Matter is less evil than New York City bureaucrats. The departure of Bill de Blasio is certainly welcome but unlikely to change much, now that the city has entered the same Democrat death spiral as Detroit before it.

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